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"Way of Life" by dead prez

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    "Way of Life" by dead prez

    You would think a Hiphop song about martial arts would be lame, but I love this song:

    "What you know about the running, the stretching
    The katas, the weapons
    The path, the journey
    The jewels, the learning
    The fear, the focus
    The aches, the pains
    The contact sparrin', the breaks, the sprains
    The trial and error, the ranks, and belts
    The spiritual growth, the science of breath
    The tests, the techniques
    The forms, the stances
    The flow, the rhythm, the internal answers
    The herbs, the healing, the quiet meditation
    The truths reveal through daily dedication
    The love for the art, the sweat on your shirt
    The mind, the body, and the spirit at work
    The feelings of failure, the hope to succeed
    The battles with questions like "Should I smoke weed?"
    The water, the thirst
    The cleansing, the blessings
    The flash of insights, the teachings, the lessons
    The grappling and locking, trapping and boxing
    The training and slacking
    The starting and stopping
    And stayin' committed, when your homies ain't with it
    The hours or practice after the class is finished
    The cause of your ignorance, flaws in your discipline
    Broken laws of nutrition, and poor conditioning
    The vitamins and supplements
    Salves and ointments
    The kinships, pulled joints in doctor appointments
    The dues, the pads, the wraps, the gloves
    The mouthpiece you left home, the taste of your own blood
    The hunger, the blocks
    The punches, the squats
    The crunches, the example you set for the youngsters
    The will, the skills, to kill or to heal
    The separation between what's fake and what's real
    The laws of physics, The class comradery
    The vows of humility, the bow, the courtesy.

    introduce us to a better example?

    *searches for lyrics to Kung Fu Fighting*


      Best hip hop martial arts song, "And Still" by Roy Jones Jr., haha, nah but seriously "Dreaded Fist" by the Rascalz. I wish Pharoah Monche would do a martial arts song.


        (hook) Everybody was kung fu fighting,
        fists as fast as lightning, and my sense is guiding me
        through endless writing, and it might seem frightening, but
        it's not it's my thing. So come out your hiding it's just Kenpo!

        (verse 1) I accept your challenge, right here right now
        Right or left, south paw bro I know them all.
        Muay thai, kenpo (dragon - tiger claw)
        Y'all I'm rude when I brawl like I'm Steve Seagal.
        See, all I've gotta do is get loose like I'm fluid dude,
        Rolling up my sleeves on my Gi and get into it.
        You and who, him and them ? Line up in a single file.
        One on one, all for one...end up in a bigger pile.
        Rojas Kenpo I'm full contact.
        Attacking in the mental I'm beyond the mat.
        The ambiance of martial arts is constant,
        Nunchucks chucking when I step the mosh pit.
        Wing Chun dummy getting splintered apart
        My escrima sticks whipping and I'm chipping the bark...
        What are you?A pink belt? I'll give you a head start.
        Kumite killin', with the spirit of Ed Parker
        Way of the intercepting fist to your floating ribs,
        Leave your guard open again and get a second hit.
        Breathe in through the nose out the mouth
        I admire your courage for trying to come and duke it out.

        Poppa never taught me how to knock a brother out.
        Vatos in the barrio would try to take me out.
        Enrolled in the temple till I'm all Kenpo'd out.
        now I clothes line the biggest baddest cholo in the crowd.

        Underground cockfight, like a pitbulls bite...
        Stricken in the jaws as the k9 gnaws.
        Gnashing of the teeth, from the blood you've lost.
        People stand in disbelief as it floods across.
        You knew the pros and cons the pain I cause.
        Your blood is ozing lots.. need towels and gauze.

        I stand in my neutral bo with feet aligned. You are better
        off...jumping the fence to feed the lions.

        -hook (bridge) 'kumite" -hook

        (verse 2) Me and Hugo go to china town's roads bro
        Him and his clean fade and me in my cornrows.
        Picking up uniforms for tournament storm
        Black belt sparring music weapons and forms.
        Ain't that the dude in the tae kwon do shoes
        that was hating on them Kenpo cats from my crew.
        Didn't we spar with him early '92,
        at the challenge of the dragons I dropped him in a few.
        He's giving you the evil eye and mad dawgs
        let's pay for the uniforms and were gone.

        I walk out the front he follows closely
        Reaching for his pistol...he's trying to smoke me.
        Back flip kick and chip his front teeth.
        His homeboy's blocking off the whole street
        Run the guns are gonna fire rapidly
        They think you are Dolph Lundgren and I am Brandon Lee. I'm right behind you bro...don't abandon me, let's hide inside of the trash till set free.
        So freaking close I wrecked my clean clothes
        Koreans multiplying like sheets from Kinko's
        But they don't know tae bo like Hugo....
        fifth degree Black belt chinese kenpo...
        An honorary black belt melts my whole soul
        Let's jump out of this dump dude lets go
        Ready to pop we stretched out...
        Attacked by a flock and threw there backs out.
        Some couldn't stand the pain and passed out
        Paralyzed in the physical, life says lights out.
        License to kill at will if I must..
        You'll sense infinite skills when I bust
        In the street in the ring, better praise the King.
        Find something to cling on...Dragon tail swings.

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          I prefer Gangstarr Lyrics

          The whole Step in the Arena album is great and I like 'Check the technique' best but when I read through it its not quite MA (although it mentions technique...):

          Then go catch my stride as I kick it live
          Check the technique
          Check the technique...see if you can follow it
          I'm rushing you like a defensive end as I recommend
          That you comprehend, I could stomp you in
          A battle, contest, or war, what will it throw
          It'll be ?(the poor picture)? of you're immature
          Insecure for sure, meek, weak visions of grandeur
          To rudely awaken you, I then'll be breaking you
          Taxing without asking and tracking and snaking you
          Making you sucumb to the drums of Gangstarr
          By far we are truely gifted ones, son
          But if you were to speculate or estimate us losing
          You be dying, trying to face the fate of your delusions
          'Cause miscalculation is all you're stating
          So I'm chumping, punting punks just like footballs
          'Cause I wanna put you all back in the messhall
          To clean up the slop and stop all the bullcrap
          Your rap's crazy wack so don't try to pull that
          you're lacking the vernacular, I'm slapping ya and capping ya
          And closing your jaws 'cause you can't mess wit Gangstarr
          The Guru and Premier always dope wit the blessed beats
          Dance your ass off pops check the technique
          Check the technique...
          And it makes me violent man
          To see all of these pee wee's be Mc's wannabees
          Making g's for some dumb companies
          And lots of money but no idea what is rap and what is dope
          But check out what the Guru wrote
          'Cause I will prevail, give you tales as I unvail
          Have enuff braincells so I can stay paid well
          Now I'm in the driver seat and rocking the louder beats
          Bouncing and booming and blasting you to the next seat
          Sheik and unique wit lots of tics like a leach
          Check the technique
          Check the technique...see if you can follow it
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            God I'm so glad this was a silent hiphop thread.
            let's talk about why fat-fu shall we?



              "blahblahblah, but I don't think I'm going to train tonight."
              "Well if that were true, then I'd really REALLY want to come train!"


                Holy . . . that is just plain awful. That first one looks like some 10-year-old girl with a black belt in TKD is reading the poem she had framed to present to the instructor at the awards banquet.


                  I semi-like dead prez, but those lyrics are horrible. The Arsonists song "Language Arts" is quite good.
                  You want some birth control? You can smoke a cigarette.


                    Originally posted by Osiris
                    Best hip hop MA themed song ever. Well, that I can recall.

                    WU-TANG!! WU-TANG!! WU TANG!!

                    That was some nasty rhyming, I got to get that song now.


                      Originally posted by Osiris
                      ??? That wasnt wu.
                      Oops I quoted the wrong post. I meant the one with RZA and Masta Killa, Mantis. That was damn cool.


                        I respect the difficulty it is to free flow. I liked the first one a bit.

                        But honestly, I see more battlefields of triumph and tribulation in my head when I'm jamming some inspirational classical music.
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                          dead prez is usually alot better



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