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Example of striking AND grappling, working together

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    Example of striking AND grappling, working together

    I believe the finishing move is straight out of a Karate Kata.

    Year in jail for 'horrific' assault on lover


    Ooh, that's gotta hurt. Kim Peter Arsenault, 49, was sentenced to one year in jail yesterday for a Valentine's Day attack on his gay lover's private parts, resulting in one of the victim's testicles being exposed and 17 stitches to sew up the wound.

    Provincial court Judge Shelagh Creagh called it a "horrific assault" and rejected a defence bid for a conditional sentence to be served in the community as inappropriate due to "the severe violence of the demeaning act."

    The judge also described the attack as a "betrayal" because, due to the relationship, Arsenault was in a position of trust and ruled he could pose a danger to society.

    Arsenault was also placed on 18 months of probation following his release after pleading guilty to aggravated assault.

    Crown prosecutor Marisa Anderson told court Arsenault and the victim had been in a homosexual relationship for five years and were living together in north Edmonton.

    The pair got into a drunken argument on Feb. 14 and Arsenault knocked his boyfriend to the floor, kicking and punching him repeatedly, said Anderson.

    "Then the accused pulled his pants down to his knees and grabbed his scrotum, causing a tear to the right side and exposing the right testicle," said Anderson.

    The victim, who was in court supporting Arsenault, also suffered damage to an eye, his nose, neck and forehead. He has since made a full recovery.

    Court heard the pair were still living together as roommates, but were no longer in a relationship.

    Creagh also ordered Arsenault to surrender a sample of his DNA for the national DNA data bank in Ottawa.

    And the judge ordered Arsenault to take counselling while on probation to help with his "tragic upbringing."

    Court heard Arsenault was assaulted both physically and sexually by his father and a friend of his father's when he was a boy and that his father forced him to keep quiet by threatening to harm his mother.

    The abuse led to Arsenault's developing addictions to cocaine and booze, although court heard he's off drugs and going to AADAC to work on his drinking.

    Actually, I think you're right. In kata kanku dai (sp?) if I recall correctly there's said to be a nut bag grab.

    However my memory is annoying me at the moment. I'm unsure of the name. I think I can still do the kata, but I can't for the life of me remember the name.


      Actually, I'll go do a few kata now and try remember the damned name. :\

      MMA must be bad for my memory. :(


        That's T3h D34dL3y K4T4 !1!1111!
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          Acutally, I'm feeling more and more retarded as I do it. :(


            I mean, gawd, grab the guy with your deadly kake uke and put a spearhand into his throat while squatting like you're on a 3rd world country toilet.

            Principles I guess. Dumb ones.

            Well, not all are dumb I guess, but sometimes I have to roll my eyes.


              I think kanku dai and seppai are meant to have groin grabs in them.

              Kanku dai kinda blocks and chops someone in the neck, kicks them, then turns around to grab the nuts of someone behind you. Step back and pull their nuts to your hip.

              Seppai just squishes them with a palm heel.

              Bassai dai also rips the nuts off with a low palm strike from forward stance. Step backwards, yank backwards and up, then hold them up in victory. Whoever came up with this kata had a good sense of humour. :D

              Errr... then step down again and hammerfist them in the nuts. :p


                I should say though, good exercise. A few good ideas. I'm sure one of the sensei I knew in the past knew good applications. Unfortunately the other dozen or so didn't.


                  There are a few katas that have that move, the "nut neutralizer", the "scrotum seperator", the "groin grinder", the "testicle tuesday", the "cock of the walk", etc.
                  Heian Godan for example, already at that early stage, you are annoying the netheregions.


                    As the proud owner of a scotum and a fine pair of testicles, I find the wording of the story rather odd.

                    The man is said to have grabbed the other man's scrotum, which may or may not mean that one of more of the testicles were included in the grab. Unless the victim had been going commando since childhood and had a rather excessive amount of scrotal flesh, I'm guessing that at least one nut was being grabbed.

                    The assailant then yanked on the sack with enough force to tear it and yet the victim made a full recovery.

                    Homeboy must have balls of steel.

                    I'm going to go throw up.
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                    --O Sensei



                      Perhaps his chi was strong.


                        Re: Example of striking AND grappling, working together

                        Originally posted by ronin69
                        Court heard the pair were still living together as roommates, but were no longer in a relationship.
                        This is my favorite part of the story. How do you suppose they worked that one out? "well, you tried to ripped my balls off, but you're good for beer money."
                        Seriously, most likely grabbing somebodies crotch like that is only going to make your situation much, much worse. Unless the person doing the gullotine has no pants on, then it's okay as long as they bought you dinner first. - Kidnemo

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