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    Attn: Screech Powers

    Are you in this picture?

    Interesting side note: forum member Stong Machine is in the picture. Can you spot him?

    yeah thats me
    I took third in the beginners bracket
    pretty crappy showing...but WTF did I know? It was my first tourney
    kid next to me is my friend Mike who trains with me

    and I call Blue hoodie for Strong machine
    Secret moves such as hitting a thing with your hand and hitting a thing with your leg have been stolen and degenerated by arts like karate, boxing, muay-thai, Kung-fu, and basketball. -Epicurious

    I for one welcome our new Ninja overlords.

    I figure fighting a group of chunners would be like water torture, its not the force as such, just the constant trickle of chain punches wearing down your sanity. -The Juggernoob



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