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    Originally posted by hungryjoe View Post

    Osoto Gari is a favorite. Yet, I'm a giver.
    Well, it is a throw that can be done with a range of love, depending on circumstances. You are kinda tall and leggy, so it's a good one for you.

    I'm short and stumpy, so it's a specialized application on anybody much taller than me. Plus, no gi, head control is not as easy as with a jacket on.

    I'll put it this way, one of my female students has literally knocked more than one young woman either silly or out cold in competition with it. That's in comp, on a good tatami, against a person who knows how to do good ukemi.

    I had her demo Osoto Gari uchikomi on me for a BJJ class once. It scared the fuck out of me. She totally took my balance, the only thing holding me up was her.

    I told her to never, ever throw me with it.

    So, it's a throw that can devastate, or not, depending.
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