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The Joker thread (spoilers, duh)

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    Originally posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    That was really Jodie Foster's fault.
    At least he was finally able to impress her.
    Dan Severn loves raping people.


      Ne Obliviscaris


        Originally posted by Kovacs View Post
        I’ve jut seen it. Brilliant film, it’s very immersive and tight throughout its running time.

        I’m not a batman fanboy nor was a massive fan of the Nolan films so I’m not going to pick holes in it or put up any massive comparisons, it was an intense and solid drama. I just howl to hell its a stand alone film and they don’t make a sequel.
        This movie is basically an alternate version of Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke".

        Which means the sequel might actually be a 2nd movie in the same city, using Frank Miller's Batman from "The Dark Knight Returns", not necessarily using the Joker as anything but a background element, as Bruce Wayne is forced to deal with the chaos Joker has catalyzed.

        Both versions of these characters bring them right down to Earth and make them super-relateable. Especially to the people suffering superhero fatigue.
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          I think this was supposed to be the premise for The Dark Knight Rises until Ledger died. I bet they try a different storyline. But I'm not up on my Batman lore, so I dunno.



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