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Five weird things that you may not know about cannabis.

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    Five weird things that you may not know about cannabis.

    1. Certain snacks will actually make you higher due to the way they affect your cannabinoid receptors. Example: Mango and pineapple

    2. The best snacks when high are things that combine spicy and sour things. Not necessarily a fact but the way I dig chilli lime peanuts makes me feel that it is.

    3. You know people who are new to pot or have a lower tolerance get the munchies, what you didn't know is that people who consume large amounts of THC tend to reduce their appetite significantly.

    4. Ground up cannabis dust is a moderate irritant to a significant percentage of people and commonly causes the nose, throat, lungs and epidermis to become inflamed if it comes into contact.

    5. Pot increases the amount of the deep sleep that comes after REM sleep. This is very good for your brain's health because it stays in cleaning mode longer to remove the detritus that becomes the amyloid plaque which causes Alzheimer's Disease. It can also cause insomnia so make of that what you will.

    6. There's no proof that pot cures cancer or is a miracle cure for anything.

    7. Cannabis is a mild analgesic but it's pain reducing efficacy is more likely due to the way that it increases the signals passed through your brain by crowding out the signals from the pain with other sensory input.

    8. Pot acts like a signal booster to your brain that increases autonomic responses. People prone to anxiety tend to get anxiety and people prone to depression tend to get depressed. People think jokes are funnier and obnoxious things are more obnoxious. People having sex tend to report feeling stronger sensations. I can vouch for all of that. Friends seem friendlier and jerks seem like bigger jerks.
    "Pave the way for the little guy, Caligula!" Harry Solomon, September 28, 1999

    9. The joke of saying five things and then writing eight was also probably a lot funnier to me to do than for you to read. Because I'm stoned and that's how that works.
    "Pave the way for the little guy, Caligula!" Harry Solomon, September 28, 1999


      Point 2 was the funniest. I also know I would have laughed harder if I was stoned.
      Originally posted by Devil
      I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
      Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
      I <3 Battlefields...


        I spent a year working in the cannabis industry as a budtender, and it was quite a case study in who uses cannabis and why. Our shop had a very interesting and diverse patient group. Pot's ability to create intersectionality is one of its most interesting properties to me.


          Added to the compendium
          Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.



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