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LOL, Tim Larkin did a podcast on "When Violence Is The Answer"

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    Originally posted by MisterMR View Post
    They added that level when they learnt that you have platoons of carabinieri for breackfast.
    I think Rayce prefers this other type of carabinieri:


      Originally posted by DCS View Post
      I think Rayce prefers this other type of carabinieri:
      This joke is too multilingual for here.


        Originally posted by MisterMR View Post
        From the link:
        "Some insist you cannot go through life using this system without becoming a hair-trigger paranoid person who is dangerous to yourself and others. I believe well-adjusted police officers can run through the color code dozens of times every day and be no worse for wear. "

        I think this kind of mental system might work, but realistically people will be on white or yellow most of the time.

        Italian police forces recently adopted a similar system with five levels:
        It works.

        I don't go to Rayce level, though, I quite drinking coffee a few weeks ago.
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