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    Chiropractic quackery

    So, chiropractic practice apparently came to be because some dude held a seance.

    Check out that article. Holy shiiiiiiit.

    I am sure some people will have anecdotes about how a chiropractor totally helped them feel all better. Allow me to submit my own anecdotes, the first copy-pasted from FB, where an epic battle is about to begin, I'm sure, which will lose me a few more pseudoscience friends:

    The first time my mom took me to a chiropractor, I was a teenager. One of my leg bones had begun to sublux. Likely the first symptom of ehlers danlos, or something related. Nothing the guy did ever helped me, and he even had me hold a fucking homeopathic pill in my hand while he pressed on my arm and shit. Deciding my body was magically telling him I needed it, he "prescribed" this supplement which, when I read the ingredients, contained "cow prostate." I think most people still have no idea how much bullshit is involved in chiropractic practice, even if it is just spinal manipulation. Jerking the spine around, twisting and then violently cracking it, that is a great way to get heriated discs.

    The last time I went to a chiropractor, I had really bad back pain. He did a bunch of "adjustments," and that's when the hell of sciatica really began. My disc was likely already starting to herniate, but since he didn't actually have a ghost guiding his magical MRI hands, he couldn't have known this. Not that it would have helped if he had. He probably thought wrenching and twisting my spine would "fix" that. Instead, the herniation either started, or became way more severe. I have a permanent, chronic back injury now, even after surgery. The surgery was absolutely necessary by the time I was able to get it- I had zero quality of life, and was developing permanent nerve damage. I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit in a chair.

    Not only is chiropractic care not held to the same rigorous standards as mainstream, evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical care from actual doctors, a distressingly large percentage of chiropractors also extol the virtues of pseudoscience quackery, from homeopathy to anti-vax bullshit, because a muscovy duck liver atom is totes gonna cure polio, yo.

    As long as something wrenches hard on your neck after you swallow it.

    Hey, if they do it right, you really won't have to worry about polio any more!

    It's weird, to the extent that chiropractic works, it's still, strictly speaking, descended from complete and utter bullshit, which is... off-putting. Of course, the stuff that doesn't work, you've covered my own opinion pretty well.
    "Systema, which means, 'the system'..."

    Originally posted by strikistanian
    DROP SEIONAGI MOTHERFUCKER! Except I don't know Judo, so it doesn't work, and he takes my back.
    Originally posted by Devil
    Why is it so goddamn hard to find a video of it? I've seen videos I'm pretty sure are alien spacecraft. But still no good Krav.
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    At the point, I must act! You see my rashguard saids "Jiu Jitsu vs The World" and "The World" was standing in front me teaching Anti-Grappling in a school I help run.
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    Thank you, not dying really rewarding in more ways than I can express.


      I'm a chiropractor, but trained in the UK. The first story of Evergrey's is entirely alien to my background and is, I believe, mainly widespread in the Americas. I was taught nothing of the sort in college, but unfortunately see a few of my former classmates having taken nosedives into weirdness which deviate from European and UK standards, such as anti-vaccination shenanigans. As usual, I blame dur internetz.

      Chiropractic was most likely ripped off by the founder, DD Palmer, from AT Still, the founder of osteopathy, both of whom would later go on to claim that the other man had stolen THEIR material. The first chiropractic treatment was to cure a man of his deafness, which, according to Palmer, totally worked. It was then applied as a panacea for a number of years until it modernised to a large degree and is, as such, not really practiced widely in Europe as anything but a way of managing orthopaedic conditions. American chiropractic I've little experience with, but I've become fairly weary of attending seminars hosted by American chiropractors in recent years, seeing as salesmanship seems to take precedence over proper care.

      The second story of Evergrey's is unfortunately quite plausible. I've no way of telling whether the applied technique was correctly selected based on the diagnostic findings at the time, but if you've already got a beginning disc herniation, you need to be extremely careful regarding the type and force of the technique you use. If you gorilla-hand a disc herniation, it's only gonna get worse. The most pertinent issue with every new low back pain patient I meet is "Is this a disc issue or not?" Sometimes, the answer is extremely unclear. Evergrey may have had no objective findings of a disc herniation at all, causing an unfortunate misdiagnosis, or the chiropractor might have carried out an inappropriate examination.


        I used to visit a chiropractor. He would crack my back, give me some deep soft tissue work, then put me in a chair to watch CNN while electrodes zapped me.

        Insurance covered it with a 20 dollar copay, and I felt great and ready to get back on the mats.

        Maybe a massage therapist would do the same thing, but that would be 75-100 dollars a visit.



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