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Discussion: Profiling Project verses Seth Rich

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    Everyone involved with harassing Seth Rich's family, friends and acquaintances are pure un-American scum. "No true Scotsman" fallacy aside, it's a dirty cowardly piece of shit that feeds on the misery of grieving parents.
    "Pave the way for the little guy, Caligula!" Harry Solomon, September 28, 1999


      Two REALLY funny things happened this week.

      First, Jack Burkman was arraigned today (along with that snot nosed, one man defamation machine Jacob Wohl) for voter intimidation. Both are facing up to 12 years for multiple felonies.

      Michigan AG: Burkman, Wohl arraigned on voter intimidation charges

      Even better,

      Judge Orders Twitter To Unmask FBI Impersonator Who Set Off Seth Rich Conspiracy

      Some believe the same people behind the Seth Rich conspiracy are behind Qanon. That'll be an interesting theory to test given the connections between Burkman, Wohl, false accusations about Robert Mueller, about Peter Buttigieg and other Democrats, and QAnon being forced off Facebook because of their domestic terror activities...

      The curtain is crumbling on quite a few shadowy players, isn't it.

      '�I am no advocate of passivity,� Coffin Mott said in an 1860 speech. �Quakerism, as I understand it, does not mean quietism. The early Friends were agitators; disturbers of the peace; and were more obnoxious in their day to charges, which are now so freely made, than we are.�'

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