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    Phone blocs

    the concept is to devlop a modular phone where you can plug and play the differant components. While I like the idea I don't foresee it happening for a number of reasons mostly consumers are retarded.

    However that being said I fully support the project and encourage you all to learn more.

    From an engineering standpoint it would be fairly easy(as engineering goes).

    I think the biggest problem being really is that most phones are subsidized by the carriers to get you onto the carrier. If you can get a carrier to at least subidize the back plate maybe you could get some traction.

    from site
    Why don't you crowdfund it?
    Raising money wouldn't bring it further, setting up this platform is too big for one company. We need to gather partners to work together with us.

    This I actually don't agree with. Setting this up is actually very do able for a small mobile company. Its can be done on a small scale. Most cell phone manufacturers are buying off the shelf components to begin with. While the components are hardly plug and play one could at least at first just offer some of the simpler swaps. Hell even building the thing just so you can fix a broke screen at home without much issue would be nice.
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