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    Originally posted by doofaloofa
    You prick tease...tell us your story!
    If you come to my death bed, I promise to regale you with it.


      One day why fooling around in the pc repair lab where I worked I found a roll of black plastic tubing that fitted me perfectly as a turban.

      I donned it, climbed over one of the worktops and exclaimed to my collegues:
      "All bow down to Zargor, the Dark Dominator of the Galaxy"

      The heathens greeted me with "Oh no he's doing drugs again" and disrespectfully flung several objects in my direction but the name sticked on and since then when shit gets serious Zargor enters the scene.

      I believe I still have a memorable pic of that somewhere...


        When I played rugby in college there were two of us with the same name. And both of us played in the pack. I played prop and he played lock. So it got confusing. We were doing tackle drills on day and I laid out one of the other players. Then we were pushing the sled around and my side of the sled was being pushed harder because I wasn't a lazy ass hole. So the coach asked the pack if one side was a bunch of pussies or if I was just Diesel. They looked around for a second and proclamed that I was Diesel. They didn't want to admit that they were being pussies. So from then on coach called me Diesel. TKE is the fraturnity I was in. So that became my user name in college and I've used it since.


          Originally posted by Vorpal View Post
          From Lewis Carroll's poem The Jabberwocky. One of the many words he coined, vorpal is used as an adjective to describe a sword. From context it is taken to mean something unnaturally sharp or capable of beheading. I used it as the title for my own book as well.
          It's shorter than Bandersnatch is another plus!


            Me and jnp et al in same boat.


              I'm a recreational wanderer.


                Originally posted by Colin View Post
                You rang?


                  I'm 51 at present.

                  I'm Norman.

                  Putting the user name in French sometimes attracts ethnic trolls. This allows me to respond with bigotry that is far superior to any that their sorry 'minds' can come up with.


                    It comes from the Bible, Mark 3:17.

                    Also, this quote from the English Puritan Nonconformist Richard Baxter: "Sometimes, one arises in difficult times, or in fermenting times, a son of thunder, that looks all enemies in the face, and volunteers a defiance even when it would have been easy to evade it."


                      My old man's nick name for me, and he was Navy...
                      Have used 'weeble' as they wobble but never fall down.


                        Shit, your names ROCK! Who else is out there?


                          Zendokan Oostende.

                          It was the name of a Karate Dojo in Oostende (very small town in Belgium, directly at the Northsea).
                          They practised a Kyokushin offshoot with an unpronouncable name (don't laugh, but it was Kyokushin + Wing Tsun/Latosa Escrima).

                          Once a month I went there for some open mat training during my Taekwondo period.
                          I referred to their style as "Zendokan Karate" because its original name was a real tongue twister for someone with a Limburgian accent.
                          You should hear me try to pronounce "sushi", you will pee your pants from laughing.

                          After a time they referred to me as "Zendokan man" and the rest is history.


                            Mine comes from a character in a redwall book I read as a little kid. I liked the alliteration, and it was the first thing I came up with when I needed a screenname.


                              Speaking of names (real ones), this is my half of a conversation with someone to whom I'd just been introduced, at an embassy function in Tokyo, in the early nineties:

                              "Mfhmmm...Hmffmmmm...BWAAAHAAHAAHAAHAAAAA!!! Excellent sense of humour as usual, Michelle.

                              Seriously though, sir, what's your name? Oh c'mon, you're just going along with Michelle's little joke--your real name.

                              That is your real name? Yeah, right.

                              Dude, don't pull that "in my country" shit. There is no language in which that sound you just made could be anything but the soundtrack from a barn full of dysentery-stricken livestock.

                              Now you're pretending to be all offended. Forget it, I'm not falling for it. No parents--anywhere--could possibly name their kid "Foat kek Punf".

                              Thanks for the laugh, though--good end to a long day. Want anything from the bar...?"


                                Originally posted by atheistmantis View Post
                                We have a very interesting and diverse number of screen names on Bullshido. Wouldn't it be something to share with each other just how and why we ended up with the names we have? If anyone goes for it I would be glad to be one of the first. Thanks!
                                Well, I expect the origin of my screen name is incredibly obvious to those of you familiar with the classic joke, "The Aristocrats," so I won't bore you with inconsequential details...



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