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    Michael Jackson's ghost


    The claim that Michael Jackson's ghost declared his own death an accident was actually heard in an eerie courtroom testimony � and the judge inexplicably let it stand.Lionel Richie's ex-wife Brenda supposedly claimed that the King of Pop's spirit visited her to clear up that Jacko unintentionally took his own life, absolving the doctor � and the company who hired him � from blame for pumping Jackson full of deadly anesthetics.RELATED: MICHAEL JACKSON LOOKED SICK, THEN 'GREAT' BEFORE DEATH: CONCERT CEO"She said Michael told her it wasn't Dr. Murray's fault � that he had accidentally killed himself," AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips told jurors at Los Angeles County Superior Court Friday.

    Judge Yvette Palazuelos did not dismiss the outrageous claim even as many in attendance laughed aloud at the evidence from beyond the grave, according to The Sun.PHOTOS: MICHAEL JACKSON'S LIFE IN PHOTOSThe Jackson family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live, the concert promoter behind Jackson's doomed comeback tour. They claim the organization negligently hired and supervised physician Conrad Murray as he resorted to dangerous tactics to give the sleepless star some shut-eye.Murray has been in jail since Jackson's fatal overdose from an ungodly injection of sedatives in 2009, reported The Sun.

    fe, Jackson was friends with the Richies and godfather to their adopted daughter. Phillips once managed Lionel Richie and still stays in touch with Brenda."Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael, either through a medium or directly," Phillips said.The Jackson family's attorney objected to the unusual statement, dismissing it as triple hearsay: Phillips spoke to Brenda, who likely spoke to a mystic, who claims she can communicate with Jackson. Even if nothing supernatural was involved, that is quite a game of telephone.
    I think when something like this happens, James Randi is entitled to TAKE a million dollars from the offending parties.

    Ok, but this is from The Sun so it's probably 99.9999999999999% bullshit.


      iOS 7 beta 2 arrives with bug fixes, iPad version!

      Apple on Monday released the second beta of iOS 7, exactly two weeks after the first iteration of the software was doled out to developers.
      The new version promises only to fix bugs and contains other undocumented "improvements."
      But the big new thing in this release is a version of the software for iPads -- both the regular and Mini models. The first version of the software only came for iPhones and iPod Touches, with Apple promising to add support for other devices as time went on.
      The software requires developers to sign a privacy agreement, but that hasn't stopped numerous developers and some blogs from posting extensive hands-on previews of the new OS.
      It's been standard practice for Apple to roll out several beta versions of the software before it's released to the public, which Apple has said will happen in the fall. In terms of how many more of these to expect, iOS 6 had four different beta versions between its June debut and late September release last year.
      Perhaps not since 2010's iOS 4 (which brought multitasking) has there been quite so much scrutiny on just what Apple's up to with these interim updates. iOS 7 is a massive visual and, in some cases, functional overhaul of the versions that came before it, and many things are expected to change before it's officially released.
      Update: The software also brings back a reworked version of Apple's voice memos application, which has been a built-in utility since 2009's iOS 3.0, though was not provided in the initial beta of iOS 7.


      Oh for a single fleeting moment, I thought they would fix those horrid icons after seeing the backlash
      I would say that designing better consistent icons for the whole of iOS 7 would take a skilled team of about 20 designers less than a week to accomplish(if you don't believe me search Dribbble for iOS 7 icons). But nooooo, they still keep those Fisher Price icons that look like they were hashed together 15 minutes before the keynote.



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