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    Oops, I lied, I have read something by Gaiman.
    - Marvel 1602 (the original)

    It is basically a story of Heroes appearing 400 years earlier in the Marvel Universe. It is actually a good story even if you aren't familiar with the main Marvel characters.

    Thanos Quest:

    If you like the Marvel Universe movies, this is a must read. Thanos is the character that appears at the end of The Avengers. He is also the character who assembled the gauntlet you see for a split second in Thor the movie.

    The Soul Gems are used by the self titled Elders of the Universe. Each Gem grants these being a different power. Staring into the pool of infinity, while trying to woo Marvel's Death,

    Thanos discovers their true power.



      Written by Steve Gerber, creator of Howard the Duck. Omega the Unknown tells the story of a genius child with a strange, psychic link to a kung-fu instructor with an indestructible skull. A lot of unique storytelling that was pretty advanced for when it was written, definitely ahead of its time. Pressure to keep with the status quo and focus on ordinary superhero action-adventure really kept it from fulfilling its potential. The 2007 reboot by Jonathan Lethem apparently did away with that problem, although I have yet to read it.


        Anybody want to see this as a story?


          Quiver. By Kevin Smith.
          Click image for larger version

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          Yes, *that* Kevin Smith.
          It's the story of Green Arrow's inevitable resurrection after dying in the 90's; except instead of 1990's Green Arrow coming back from the dead, 1970's Green Arrow is resurrected instead, blissfully unaware of the passage of time.
          It's amazing.


            Granted this was a series that ran for a few years with a HUGE break before the last few issues. This is for nerds, but is still highly accessible. Before they were merged/purchased by DC Comics, Wildstorm had their own company. For me, the two best titles were The Authority and Planetary.

            Planetary is basically a secret organization that tracked superhuman acticivities for centuries. One of their new operatives awakes with a memory loss and spends the series trying to find out what happened. What Warren Ellis did was initially take similar stories and add a Superheo twist to them. The issue that made me pickup the book was:

            Yes, this is an homage to Monster Island from the Godzilla movies. They also tweak Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Superman, Fantastic Four and quite a few other stories before the story pick up steam with Snow, the amnesiac protagonist, and the full search for his memory.
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              Originally posted by Holy Moment View Post
              The 2007 reboot by Jonathan Lethem apparently did away with that problem, although I have yet to read it.

              I have; it's pretty good. Though the unordinary story may not please every reader. Anyone who likes Lethem's prose will like it though. It's been collected in hardcover.


                Anything by Frank Miller.



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