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moving to orlando/career vs training advice needed

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    moving to orlando/career vs training advice needed

    I've had a somewhat eventful last several months. In September I fractured my patella and got my license as a radiation therapist. Both of these events have greatly altered my life.

    I've had to take about four months off of BJJ training (due to the broken knee cap) when I was about a year and half into BJJ. I'm just now getting back into it (well for the past month and a half). At my club I've been rolling with the guys I feel comfortable with i.e. guys that aren't going to try to newb spaz on me. Due to the job hunt my class attendance has been spotty.

    I have just confirmed that I will be starting a job in Winter Park (east orlando area) in two weeks.

    Here's my situation: I'll be leaving my wife and daughter behind to finish up the semester of school, I'll be living with a friend, almost like returning to bachelor life for a few months. The advantage of this is i'll have plenty of extra time to train BJJ.

    My concern is this: I'm starting a new career and relocating to do so, I can't fuck this up. I also can't risk re-injuring my knee. I'm a little conflicted as to weather I should resume training in Orlando or if I should give my knee more time to heal up while I prove my value to my new employers. If I'm a new guy and I hurt my knee they're gonna hate me. If I wait a while and worse case fuck myself up at least they might be willing to work with me.

    I think as long as I explain my injury to a new BJJ instructor and take it easy i'll be fine. I'm just a little paranoid. How would you bullies handle the situation?

    Hey! Congrats on the new job! I would say Family>Job>Training. But, that being said, the Job facilitates the family and the training so alter it a little and focus on Job! Ge the job stable and comfortable. Because if that breaks down all the others break down also. But once you are going strong, the family will be provided for and you will be free to train all you want!

    Congrats again. And isn't there an American Top Team in Orlando? That would be cool to check them out!
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    Gezere: paraphrase from Bas Rutten, Never escalate the level of violence in fight you are losing. :D

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