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Feral Hogs: Because they are insanely tasty.

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    Legal year 'round in most of the Big Island of Hawaii.

    One way is using a couple dogs and a knife. Some castrate small males (and even notch the ear) so in a year or two someone will get some tender meat.
    "The tracker dog leads the way while the barking dogs keep the pig at bay until the hunters arrive. Responsible hunters are selective, killing only those pigs that are suitable for meat. If a small male pig is cornered, the hunter will usually castrate it and let it go. When the castrated pig is fully grown in a few years, it will make the best catch, says Grace.

    "Every hunter's goal is to catch a male pig that's been castrated. It is the best for eating and has good texture of meat. Females that are nice and fat are good also, but for us, we only take the female if we have to because we want to let it breed."

    Oftentimes a hunter will leave a personalized "ear mark" or signature cut on the ear of a castrated pig so that a future hunter will know who to mahalo upon snagging the prized male.

    "It's a tradition to show that you're giving back," said Sabati.

    Additionally, hunters will render the pig less dangerous by removing a boar's top tooth or "filer tooth" that grows perpendicular out the side of the jaw. This is the tooth that sharpens the tusk and also prevents it from curving around. The most dangerous boar is the one with a tusk that sticks out an inch-and-a-half in length like a knife ready to stab. The curved tusk, on the other hand, is relatively harmless in comparison.
    "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


      You're all pussies. In NZ we hunt pigs with three dogs, a knife, and a bush rifle.

      -Dogs grab ears
      -try not to die.
      -You sneak up
      -Grab by the back legs
      -Takedown (surprisingly easy, they're unstable laterally)
      - Stick 'em
      - ????
      - Profit.

      All the while you've got a friend with a gun on them if they pull free and try to killface you.

      I've not done it myself, but I've been on a hunt. I'm a city boy, and frankly I just didn't have the balls to up and stick a pig.


      Dammit Pat...


        Originally posted by Permalost View Post
        I didn't realize pig hunting was so metal.
        Sport of kings, bra. You have no idea.


          We're lazy. Screw that running around the woods chasing them shit.
          We put fruit out around the same time every couple of days.
          When the tracks start to get bigger(the little guys are more curious but the big ones will come eventually) you set up a digital game camera that timestamps the images.

          The pigs are pretty punctual and will patrol the same place at the same time.
          When you get them on a schedule you can set up leisurely a couple hours beforehand and bag a big one easily with little time wasted.


            That's more in the line of hog "killing" than hog "hunting", I'd say.

            They're the equivalent of giant hairy cockroaches, and they'll eat US if they get the chance. Fair chase can go pound sand.


              It's even better when it's right behind your house, like my uncle has it set up.
              He sits on his porch and shoots 'em from a lawn chair.



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