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Had a fair few fights this weekend

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    Had a fair few fights this weekend

    I hope this isnt the wrong section but seem so other members post stories of when they get in fights i thought I will do the same after the weekend I have had.

    So basically, im a bouncer as some of you may or may not know, and getting stuck in is part of the job, but this weekend has been unreal i felt like i was starring in Road house 2 (or 3 or 4 as i think theres probably some sequeal.
    Right, so on Thursday night some regulars decided they was game, they usually do as there told but tonight they must of grown a set of bollocks after a little scuffle inside and a few noses been bitten we had them outside and thats when it really went off, 3 on 6, good tear up, they where no marks though and wasnt to much trouble but tonight it happend again this time with some nasty horrible people.

    We kicked some twats out all over a laser pen and we had a full team on tonight, 8 strong and some real old school boys who nobody messes with from the rep they got back during the dark days pre SIA.

    Anyway, outside shit hit the fan with a big group of them, one of are bouncers got bottled needs stiches and fucked his knee. We was smashing there heads on railings and even had to drag are own guys off some of them now and again, but still they was unrelentless, giving it back nearly as good as they got it... Key word been nearly.

    I was out the way at one point, one on one with a big twat, crappin' my pants hoping the first punch didnt knock me out its been a while since ive done any martial arts, luckily he missed and i connected a pretty sweet hay maker, got him into a gulletione? choke and proceeded to cave his ribs with my knee till he hit the floor and started crying grabbing my leg as i played soccer with his skull, size 10 magnum boots i hope it fucking hurt.

    As he got up and ran off he cheap shotted a doorman to the back of the head, the one who was also glassed.

    Thing is, these guys are not nobies, they have done time for kicking fuck out of doormen before, one of there dads has put a hatchet in some ones shoulder... Was told it wont be the end of it and have been asked to wear a stab proof vest for the next few weeks and make sure if we see 'em, no questions asked just go in heavy and hard lol

    all abit worrying, im not afraid to admit, i still get scared when ever I have to throw down with some one but im suprised things have gotten as bad as they have this past weekend.

    Been intouch with my old MMA teacher told him the score and im gonna be back training with him as im getting abit rusty,

    Oh also, more gypos/pikeys than i could count smashed some ones car in with baseball bats, dont know what that was over, didnt ask dont need to know there business

    If this doesnt make much sense, well im sure you can understand given the night ive had :Baww:

    Hey Franco sorry to hear it, Can I ask, what's your individual approach when dealing with upset patrons troublemakers or even just a disagreement?


      Im very laid back, I hate fighting haha, yeah I know wrong job.

      I joke with people, I act sympathetic etc for example tonight I caught some one snorting coke in the toilets and just laughed at him and say things along the lines of "Oh dear, thats naughty, im sorry pal but you have to leave im afraid" he walked out no problems what so ever, other guys will be abit more hands on, but ive been working long enough to know that you can often cause a situation when theres no need for one

      Others wont, they will just drag 'em out but I find my appraoch of been the "village idiot" seems to cause less trouble and people are more likely to do as you ask.

      Allways make them feel smarter and think your dumber and weaker than you are, because when they do rise up they wont expect whats coming next.

      If people are arguing I break the tension as well by acting like a clown.

      Obviously cant see everything and its kind of are policy that if we have to kick you out, we do try to leave an impression that this is not a venue you behave out of line, which is what shocked me on Thursday, the regulars know we dont take shit.

      My approach sometimes back fires, people mistake me for been a weak push over, and only been 5"10 and 220lbs im the smallest guy there so more often than not im the one they want to fight lol


        Yeah I was just curious, Ill be honest I dont have a lot of love for bouncers, I have personally seen them do some sneaky shit, but I do realise it could be a tough job, putting up with entitled assholes shit every day.

        I asked the question, because I just read a comment that ne guy said about a fellow bouncer, he will say something to the effect like 'You have reason to be angry but..." Or I can see why you are upset". I liked that approach, it seems like it would validate the patron but not give a reason to blow up his ego.

        Was wondering if bouncering (good) teaches you any people skills?



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