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    EDIT: Didn't mean to double post. Sorry bout that, mods.
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      yeah i'd be down to join a bullshido group on fitocracy. if theres enough interest, i'll start it up (or if someone starts it up, i'll join!).

      this is still in beta apparently, so they are still adjusting the point system and the exercises. I cant do any of the quests since I lack access to a conventional gym and only do bodyweight/makeshift exercises



        it looks like it should be pretty helpful for some people.


          I'm on here and I saw Kintanon and Slideyfoot show up in the BJJ group. Shit like this is right down my alley - It may sound silly but it encourages me to do more in the day than I would normally just to get the points, lol.I have some invites I can give out if anyone wants to try it, just pm me your email address. I also went ahead and created a Bullshido group.
          HTFU and join Bullshido on Fitocracy!


            Helloooooooooooooo necro!

            I just joined this thing. How do I use it, what is the deal?


              I'm going to try this out too! I have a vague memory of other programs/organizations that like to do similar things. The constant little goals and rewards might help to stay motivated.


                You basically log your work outs/activities day-to-day with a 5 day leave to log into the past (which I use a lot, because I'm not straight on my phone or comp after I finish training most of the time).

                You can save your workouts and sets to load in next time if they are used a lot, for set work outs etc.

                There's a bullshido group as well on Fitocracy, as well as your general BJJ groups etc.

                Also, from my limited Twitter experience, it seems to function in a similar way: it allows you to be followed and follow others so you get their updates in your "friend" feed rather than a full site one etc.


                  I wonder how well this works. To be honest, I would take issue with it simply because it seems like more and more every day, people need something electronic involved. Why do we all need a digital motivator.. hells, I'm the only person I know that owns more books than video games.


                    To be honest, I think Fitocracy pretty shitty, not just because of a general problem I have with internet fitness logs, but, among other things, because only a small amount of crossfit-leaning exercises is covered in their index. Also, the site is pretty buggy - try saving a workout! -, and, most notably, the TIME you spend doing the workouts it's not measured. Thus, the basic P(t)=F*v is completely disregarded, rendering the program completely worthless from a real practical measure for your training.

                    That said...

                    I like that the site is really focused on your exercise and training regimen directl, and that the socializing you do is primarily focused on that, not on other stuff. Also, frankly, I am bouncing back from one of the worst injuries I ever had, and it helps me to stay motivated. Frankly, some of the best sportsmen on Bullshido have fitocracy accounts. It motivates me immensely to measure my own workout with theirs. If, after all those drawbacks I had, I am ever going to get back into the game for real, this might just become a key factor. :)


                      You can always request they add options and provide feedback, they're always adapting it pretty quickly, from what it seems.

                      Looks like they spent a bit of time investing in integration items first with the major players to make it easier to create an account etc.

                      They added graphing and life time tracking on workouts, but I really would love to see some more intense metrics being tracked over time with the information I'm putting in the system.

                      As an aside, I'm really tempted to get into the Sunnto Watches with their tracking metrics, as they document fucking EVERYTHING, and give you a lot of really cool data to play with, but the investment into their end range tracking watches are like $500+



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