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    Originally posted by DCS View Post
    Shitthy movie but decent book.
    Yeah, movie was very loosely based.

    I thought the movie had a certain style to it that was engrossing, and Johnny Deppy was pretty good, but the last 20m or so lost me, when it turned into the played-out "EVERYBODY IS A SATAN WORSHIPPER!" Polanski twist.

    Definitely a creepfest, largely owing to the orchestration. I like how good music can make a meh movie slightly more engaging.

    True story, I've read the actual works that the Nine Gates (fake book) and others mentioned are based on. They are essentially the first 15th century witch hunter manuals, and while some of the writing is rationale, they often delves into bizarre, mystical stuff that formed the basis for all of the witch hunts and trials of the 1400s onward.


      “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” .
      - C.S. Lewis

      Outside of the law
      An eternal war
      No-one can hold him back
      Ready to attack

      He's damned - racing through the night
      He's damned - will never see the light
      He's damned - darkness in his eyes
      He's damned - but the metal racer never dies

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        So hot right now..Doro.


        Steal my money
        Take my job and my car
        Do anything you want
        But don't push your luck too far


          Nukes and Doro, like matter and antimatter.


            I watched Clockers today, while in bed fighting a cold and feeling goofy on cough medicine.

            It bombed, but this movie gets better every time I watch it.

            The soundtrack is great, and after a sad intro complete with visceral Spike Lee imagery of murdered black men and women, the action starts with this track:

            Clips whatever happened to 38 special
            Now it's Desert Eagles, government issue
            Probably the same one that killed Noriega
            Chips that powered nuclear bombs power my Sega
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                Don't you think that I'm bound to react now?
                Well, my fingers definitely turning to black now
                Yeah, well maybe I'll put my love on ice
                Teach myself, maybe that'll be nice

                My books are sitting at the top of the stack now
                The longer words are really breaking my back now
                Maybe I'll learn to understand
                Drawing a square with a pencil in hand, yeah

                Mathematically turning the page
                Unequivocally showing my age
                I'm practically center stage
                Undeniably earning your wage
                Well maybe I'll put my love on ice
                And teach myself, maybe that'll be nice, yeah

                Listen master, can you answer a question?
                Is it the fingers, or the brain
                That you're teaching a lesson?
                I can't tell you how proud I am
                I'm writing down things that I don't understand
                Well, maybe I'll put my love on ice
                And teach myself, maybe that'll be nice

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                    I'll bet nobody approaches Chris Barnes about "cultural appropriation"...


                      Originally posted by itwasntme View Post
                      Their song is heavily influenced by American Primitive style, like this John Fahey classic, "Red Pony", also known as "Wine and Roses" on The Dance of Death & Other Plantation Favorites (1965).

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                          Yo Yo is the man

                          An incredible collection of artists


                            I LOL'd hard! I highly recommend you watch this.


                              That's top shelf Russian clickbait if I ever saw can tell by the cover art.

                              Putin probably pays for 5 star whores with the dividends from that video.

                              Originally posted by Tranquil Suit View Post
                              I LOL'd hard! I highly recommend you watch this.




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