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Brainteaser 2: The Sequel

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    Make sure you use your ballsack to test the temperature.
    "You realise the transformations give a man enough strength to destroy a truck with his bare hands!?

    "Sport ? That kind of thing's not my bag baby!" - Sammy Franco

    "This system was developed with the help of notible BJJ fighter Ribbon Muchado." - "Sifu" Anthony Iglesias


      Sounds to me like CIimax has it, ATABOY!

      Here's how you do it. You're holding the deck of cards. You deal 13 cards into a new pile. So now you have one pile. You have 13 cards, and the other pile has 39 cards. You take the 13 cards and you just dealt them to the new pile and you flip the whole pile over. You now have the same number of face-up cards in both piles. I'll give you an example. What if all 13 cards were on the top of the deck? Now you've dealt them all face up, right? When you flip them they're now all face down. The two piles now have the same number of face-up cards- zero. It makes no difference how many you start with, as long as you deal out them. If you know the number of face-up cards to begin with, you deal that number of cards into a separate pile and then you flip that pile over, both piles will always wind up with the same number of face-up cards.

      Originally posted by CIimax
      after playing with a deck of cards for awhile i think i got it.

      you deal 13 cards to form one a seperate deck. then you flip that deck over so then number of face up cards in that deck will be the same as the number of face up cards in the other deck with 39 cards.

      for example if you have 8 face up cards in the 13 card deck and you flip it over then you have 5. if there was originally 8 cards in the 13 card deck, then there must be 5 in 39 card deck. it works for any number of face up cards in the 13 card deck.



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