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MMA manager simulation game "World of MMMA 3" released

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    MMA manager simulation game "World of MMMA 3" released

    And I have to say that it's quite fun.

    The World of Mixed Martial Arts series of games is for enormous MMA nerds who don't have the money to buy their own fight promotion.

    Essentially a MMA manager simulator, in this game you play the part of a matchmaker and promoter for a MMA company. Your job is to sign fighters, schedule shows, set up matches and handle company finances and it's really a lot more involving than it sounds.

    The fights themselves are represented as a written PBP. Don't expect 3rd generation animation because there isn't any.
    But despite there being no way of interacting with the fights themselves and there's no graphical representation besides still images of the fighters involved, it is satisfying to see how the fights play out. The fight engine is well developed, contains a lot of moves, positions and situations and even includes rare occurrences like cut stoppages, early stoppages, freak injuries and judge robbing.

    Following the careers of fighters over the years is the most interesting aspect of the game, how they win fights, lose fights, improve their skills and become living legends or miserable failures and how they help your promotion become famous.

    The default database consists of about 1200 fictional fighters, many of them obvious parodies or tributes to existing fighters, but the game is highly and easily moddable, meaning several real-world databases have been released on the game's forums. So if you want to see how prime Royce Gracie would do against Fedor, here's your chance, or even putting Bob Sapp vs Godzilla.

    If you want to see how Dana White feels, play this game.




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