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Ciudad Ju�rez, a photographic testimony of pain

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    Ciudad Ju�rez, a photographic testimony of pain

    Dear friends,

    I am trying to raise awareness about what is going on here in the Ciudad Juarez area. I work as a professor at colleges on both sides of the border and I have met many persons affected by this sad situation. Just less than a month ago, a young student was shot by Federal Police officers during a march.

    If it serves your interests please share the links below; if not, please excuse my nerve and kindly disregard this message.

    The inhabitants of Ciudad Juarez repudiate the violence that has plagued our city for the past 30 months.

    Men and women of good; we have seen friends and relatives succumb to the bullets, we have seen our neighbors closing down their businesses and losing their means of living. We are afraid to drive through our streets. We feel constant fear, now we distrust each other.
    We cannot resort to the authorities, throughout this time we have been victims of their greed and abuse. Our leaders are indifferent and incompetent. They only simulate a void interest and do little to remedy the situation. With empty words they present, as an official version, a picture outside our everyday reality, while making every effort to hide the shameful events that repeat day after day in this border town.
    Our only recourse is to raise our voice to the international community. To submit our testimony and show to the world the extermination acts of which we are victims today.
    We want men and women from all countries to know what is really happening in Ciudad Juarez.

    I have spoken before students and professors; If you are interested, I can offer a presentation.

    Thank you for reading. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

    Guillermo Cervantes, Ph. D.
    [email protected]http://www.ciudadjuarez2008-2010.com

    Hello Sr Cervantes,
    My name is David and I will spread the word. I would love for you to do a presentation for a club I am in, and I will send you an email with more detail. I hope everything down there turns out well for you.



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