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  1. Yeah, that was the old gym. He had to close it because he went to work for the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regeulation) for a year. They oversee combative sports in Texas.

    Did you like Rudy and the gym?
  2. I noticed that Rudy's current location is the same place as Bakido a school that's been blasted as bullshido on the site. That's got to be pretty funny. What happened to Rudy's old place? Seems like it used to be a huge place :(.

    I saw this picture on his myspace page and wondered if this was the old school:
  3. Yes, the class was great. We wanted to do the BJJ class that day as well, but we didn't have Gi's. We are going to show up Saturday again and fill out all our paperwork and purchase our Gi's and gear so we can be regulars there. Yes, we looked up Nick. Pretty impressive. I'm still a noob on this site and can't PM :(.
  4. He does both. Usually he will only work boxing with new guys, so you don't get overloaded with info. But he will add leg work soon with newer guys. He likes to teach people hands, then feet. But yeah, he is a top-notch Muay Thai instructor. One of his fighters, Nick Gonzalez, actually fought in K-1 a couple years back.

    Fell free to PM me anytime.

    Did you enjoy the class?
  5. Hello, I can't send you a PM because I'm still at Noob level on this site. I was wondering is Vasquez Academy boxing or Muay Thai? I was a bit confused on the free class I had there, though I think the Saturday was supposed to be pure boxing though.

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