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  1. Yeah all good here. Everyone from Stars is okay.
  2. OK here. A couple of weeks before, hail storm nailed the roof and two cars are toast. Other than the shop, are you OK?
  3. Are you okay? Fucking storms wrecked shop!
  4. LOL

    I'm a long term Yonkyu due for promotion sometime after renewing USAJ membership.

    Usually come in around 155, but always have to play up in weight and down in age )-:

    My username should be Mat Rag.
  5. You're a Black Belt now right? If that's the case, there's no chance we'll fight,,,,, well, until I'm brown belt anyway LOL. I've only seen one guy who's in my weight and a green belt. If he doesn't show I'll be uncontested, except for fighting browns, and most of them are from my own club. God willing I'll be competing in the Jan 29th show.

    I wonder though, If you're uncontested, and I'm uncontested, that we could fight eachother?
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