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  1. Hope it comes good, hami's suck as an injury. Lol, I'm all too familiar with the doses of humble handed out by those two, I definitely get my fair share!
  2. Training going well, injuries aside. Pulled a hammy recently, so other muscles are working over time which is hurting. I'm resting right now, sore in more ways than I can imagine. Got completely worked by Joel and Ty last night wrestling, not my best showing, considering the leg, but they're both awesome enough to humble the **** out of me. Unfortunately didn't get to full spar with them cause I was needed in the Acceleration course, or I need the Acceleration course, I don't know, lol.
  3. Haha, and the roll before that you were smashing me! Yeah, been consistently 3-4 times a week for a while now which is good. How's your training going these days?
  4. **** yeah I was, bro. Last time we rolled you were smashing me so I need some advantage. I hear you're training a shitload lately?!
  5. So my coach tells me you were hitting him up for info on my weaknesses last night at open mat?
  6. Cheers bro.
  7. Well good luck, try not to hurt your digits this time!
  8. LOL, fucking oath!
    You grading this evening?
  9. Down to 89kg. Strong though, not like in the past where I was 90 with smaller muscles. I'm a fucking beast!
  10. hey mate, you're look like you're in good shape on FB, what weight are you down to now?
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