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9/07/2010 8:41am,
Kenneth Trevino (MMA fighter) Tiffanie Perry (model) Austin Texas murder suicide

06 Sep, 2010 | Author: JenReprts

Police in Austin Texas are investigating the deaths of MMA fighter Kenny Trevino and his girlfriend, model Tiffanie Perry. According to published reports the pair had broken up recently and Trevino was distraught over the breakup and threatening suicide.

Police received a call from either a friend of relative of Trevino notifying them of his mental state. When police went to check on him they made the discovery that he and Perry were dead.

The bodies of Kenneth Bryan Trevino and Tiffanie Suzanne Perry were found in an apartment in Austin Texas where Trevino lived. Police believe the deaths are a case of murder suicide. They have not released information as to who committed the murder and how the suspected murder and suicide took place, though all indications are that Kenny Trevino killed Tiffanie Perry then killed himself.


My co-worker told me about this. I don't have any further details yet.

Here is a link to the local newspaper article as well. It doesn't mention the fact that Mr. Trevino was a MMA competitor.


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News item on the female victim: