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2/27/2004 3:13pm,
I found Ronin's video clips quite interesting... And this has probably been covered ( I'll do a better search later)... But what do you find primarily different in the way an Aikido throw/technique is done vs a Judo throw/technique... I have my thoughts but wanted to hear your opinions... For example, it appears in Aikido you use more of an opponents own momentum vs in Judo where you cause the the initiation through leverage...

2/27/2004 3:16pm,
Basicaly, yes, thats about it.
Aikido use centrifigal force to the max.
judo is more "linear".
Although you will find linear in Aikido and circular in Judo.
Aikido concentrates on the wrist as the focal point, judo, the center of gravity and the shoulder area, in general.

John A Butz
2/27/2004 3:17pm,
From what I have seen, the main difference is that in judo practice, the other guy is also trying to throw you, whilst in aikido practice, the roles are set. I believe this gives the judo player a better understanding of kuzushi/balance taking faster then the aikido player.

There is a lot of crossover in terms of theory between the arts, but the method of practice is very different.

John A Butz
2/27/2004 3:18pm,
I should have added that aikido does redirect the momentum of the attacker to effect the throw. It will be harder for an aikidoka to throw an attacker who employs balanced, controled strikes then it would be to throw a wildly swinging, over commited attacker.

2/27/2004 3:23pm,
The problem with the way Aikido is practised is because of the way its taught.
More often than not, its taught as anything BUT a form of fighting,
This type of training does a disservice to the MA of Aikido.
Its time we brought back "hardcore" training to aikido.
**** the Mats !!
**** the break falls !!
Keep the hakama's !!
**** the non-resisting crap !!!
Lets get hurt !!
Lets learn to save our bacon when it needs saving !!
And anyone with a ponytail gets his arms ripped off and offered up as a sacrafice to the Gods !!!!!

John A Butz
2/27/2004 3:26pm,
You're preaching to the choir Ronin.


2/27/2004 3:27pm,
Can I get an AMEN ?!?!?!?!?

John A Butz
2/27/2004 3:27pm,

Beatdown Richie
2/27/2004 3:30pm,
Errrr... I'd prefer more hardcore aikido training WITH mats, and WITHOUT getting hurt unnecessarily. (Yeah, I'm a wuss :( )

2/27/2004 3:32pm,
Thats ok, your still welcome to wear a Hakama !!

2/27/2004 3:43pm,
to me (the ignorant masses)
judo seems to aquire body locks more often
and uses leg sweeps
where aikido it seems
mostly uses wrist locks

2/27/2004 3:43pm,
gets in line behind BR

without mats, i think most of my body would be non-functioning right now

2/27/2004 3:46pm,
Alright, you pussies, you can use underpadding.

2/27/2004 5:27pm,
aikido focuses on attacking limp wrists. that's why it's arguably better than judo for rape defense in prison. the judo hip throw exposes too much ass, and your shower mate might just like it...

Te No Kage!
2/27/2004 5:59pm,
Originally posted by ronin69
Can I get an AMEN ?!?!?!?!?

AMEN! Can we also act as realistic ukes and give real attacks that would hurt somebody? I actually had some ***** boy tell me that I was hurting him as uke last night, can you fucking believe that? Can't stand the heat, get out of the fuckin kitchen!

2/27/2004 6:09pm,
Send him to us.