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11/13/2002 1:51am,
For any of you who haven't seen these (haven't seen all of them myself):


[The site the clips came from www.warriorcentral.com]

One clip is quite well know (the one portrayed in the pictures.)

See the Wrestling one also, which is one this site (Mcdojo.com) and is where I found the warriorcentral.com site:

Wrestling move:


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11/13/2002 2:22am,
are those for real? how did they get this footage?

11/13/2002 2:56am,
yes real, off random ppl, of secruity cameras shown on TV, of the news etc etc.....

The irate employee is lol.

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11/13/2002 3:51am,
There's no way that irate employee one can be real, though. I mean, just notice how close to the edge his monitor is.

11/13/2002 3:54am,
Also, I love that site for the sole reason that its owner actually reached the level at which you become so macho that you can fire laser beams made of PURE TESTERONE.

I really love MMA, but it's guys like him that I intensely want to castrate. Or chastise. Either or.

11/15/2002 1:17pm,
TTT for the Wrestling clip...and others.