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8/12/2010 3:29pm,
Ok. So ive just started MMA and would one day like to fight; BUT i know for a fact i would never be able to last three 5 minute rounds. I also do taekwon-do and can barely last one or two 2 minute rounds. I eat total crap, but i know i need to eat alot better.

Im looking for a simple diet plan and was wondering if anyone could help.

i would also appreciate if you could help with a CV workout and a strength and conditioning workout.

i train MMA 2-3 times per week and TKD 2-3 times per week have two gym memberships. Help is much appreciated guys :thumbsup:

8/12/2010 3:47pm,
What information from the forum stickies generates the most interest with you so far?

8/12/2010 4:26pm,
I'm looking to lose a little weight. im about 5'10" and about 87 kilos i would like to lose a few kilos. im not fat just heavy and want the excess fat gone and to build more muscle so need some help for that. also want to build up my cardio

8/12/2010 7:31pm,
He was politely suggesting you read the stickies posted at the top of this sub-fora. They are exceedingly helpful.