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Crazy Carl
8/11/2010 6:44pm,
Here is the guy's site.


Master K.

I went to one of his schools when I was 17 for a few years and didn't really learn anything. It was one of those places that had multiple martial arts listed on the door, yet what he taught you(or his black belt instructors, not him) was more of a tiny bit of everything and not much of any real solid style. I'm not familiar with what one person can accomplish when it comes to MA styles, but on his site it says he's a black belt of numerous styles, and I assume all of the ones listed on his site are the ones he's a master of. Is it possible or is it bullshit?

8/11/2010 11:15pm,
Myself, and several friends/training mates, have black belts in multiple arts. Firstly, understand a black belt equates to a serious student. Traditional Japanese martial arts typically dictate instructor levels around 3rd degree black belt...like a for real instructor. I hope that doesn't come across wrong. Anyhow, a blackbelt should be both a good instructor (in his ability to help junior students) and technician (help juniors and perform good technique). Unfortunately most dojo just belong to organizations that regulate a list of techniques required for belt ranks and its all the dojo head can do just to make sure his students pass these requirements. They all too often don't have the time or ability to actually instruct black belts to be senior practitioners, leaders who actually personally grow and develop as they train...which is the ultimate goal of anything with the modifier "do" at the end of it.

The people I know who have rank in multiple martial arts (including myself) often practice arts with some cross over.

Um, lineage is a good way to find some idea of the detailed training I spoke of above..although most beginners won't know to recognize it unfortunately, and its rarely given. Given the multitude of martial arts taught there I would be very cautious.

I know some good guys up in Michigan. While I'm not sure about the area this dojo is from, the dojo area code is the same as my friends so maybe they know them.


8/11/2010 11:18pm,
Oh and Carl....often the head instructor isn't necessarily a master in all the techniques taught at their dojo. And that's all good and fine, however, its kind of good to find a place like that where the different instructors have a good relationship with each other. Dojo politics can get really gay.

Omega Supreme
8/11/2010 11:46pm,
I've got 10 blackbelts. Not really that big of a deal. If he was claiming them at high levels then we need to talk. Many times, speaking from experience, a lot of the blackbelts owned are political style blackbelts.

8/12/2010 3:50am,
I've got 10 blackbelts. Not really that big of a deal. If he was claiming them at high levels then we need to talk. Many times, speaking from experience, a lot of the blackbelts owned are political style blackbelts.

Seriously? What in?

Omega Supreme
8/12/2010 9:46am,
Well 5 systems of kung fu, 2 in Taekwondo, Judo, Jiujitsu and SAMBO.
In actuality Kung-fu (with 3 sub sets), Taekwondo, Judo and SAMBO. Of course that's still 7. Now if you want to count those that traditionally use belts then I'd be down to Taekwondo and Judo, that would be 2. Then again I burned (no kidding) my TKD card so that would be 1. Since I don't belong to the USJA and I'm too cheap to do so I guess that would be none.

I guess I'm just a white belt. Damn.

8/12/2010 10:01am,
10 black belt levels in 10 different organizations would be unbelievably expensive to maintain. To add on what Omega said, and partly because of this, some guys claim rank in organizations they are no longer affiliated...because it costs so much and or because they loose interest or time to stay up on it in an official capacity. Then you get the people who break away, start their own organization, and either grant themselves belligerently high levels of rank (10th dan, etc) or "rank trade" with other "Soke" where its like "I'll 'teach' you my two wakazashi wielding style and rank you up if you 'teach' me your bastard version of bagua mixed with karate"....and by teaching I mean see each other at a seminar two times a year, take into consideration previous marital achievements and, ominus dominus, you are a 10th dan in your buddy's style.

8/12/2010 2:12pm,
The only person that I think can honestly say they have that many bb's is Fred Degerberg... He might even have more