View Full Version : Asriel goes full circle

8/07/2010 5:52am,
Ok, since the horrible surgery I had to have on my back and backside, I found myself out of training for 2-3 months and lost about 12kg. Once I was able to get back in the gym I went for a hypertrophy program to try and get some of that muscle back and have been making pretty good gains.

However, while I still can't grapple yet, I've gone back to my first love of Muay Thai. It's like meeting an old girlfriend who you have fond memories of. Everything feels the same but somehow different with the benefit of age and experience.

Anyway I digress, I very quickly discovered that the weights program i'm on doesn't go too well with Thai. In fact, I felt like I could hardly lift my gloves after blasting the weights the day before.

I never did any weights back in the day when I trained in Thai before so I'm totally green as to the best kind of weights program to compliment it and would appreciate some input from you lovely people :happy: