View Full Version : Boston Chinatown Streetfight - Bat v Multiple Attackers

Craig Jenkins
8/04/2010 8:30am,
Video of a one on multiple confrontation in Boston last weekend. The bat clearly intimidates the group, but clearly doesn't end the fight for any of the people struck either.

http://sflchronicle.com/2010/08/drunk-fight-in-boston-last-saturday-baseball-bats-and-street-cones/ (http://sflchronicle.com/2010/08/drunk-fight-in-boston-last-saturday-baseball-bats-and-street-cones/)

8/04/2010 8:39am,
Whew! That was ugly, it could have got a lot worse too. When the guy turned and ran, he is lucky that he got his car moving. That would have been bad if they pulled him out. He was stupid to get out of the car and go back to them!

8/04/2010 9:10am,
Yeah that could have been real ugly. Thank god they didn't get him out of the car at the end there or this would have been a snuff film. Regardless of how dumb a move it was to get out of the car I feel for that guy. It's maddening when something like that happens to you.

Conde Koma
8/04/2010 3:00pm,
Holy ****. I think after he knocked down the first couple guys, he could've just left it at that and headed back to his car. It looked like they pounced on him after he lost his bat.

Scary stuff.

Craig Jenkins
8/05/2010 8:26pm,
None of these guys comes off like a genius. No way you get out. But yeah - ugly. And that sound...

8/09/2010 6:08pm,
Man, someone starts walking over the top of my car threatening to kill me, I'm gunning it right then, locking the doors, or maybe backing up over him after he falls down.

8/11/2010 4:40am,
stay in the car, hit-and-run, ***** FTW...

Craig Jenkins
8/11/2010 8:05am,

Little Lamb
8/17/2010 8:02pm,
I never had any trouble in Boston's Chinatown. Even late night, I used to eat crispy duck and pig and steamed fish. Great cheap food.

The only trouble I had during my years in Boston was from groups of African-American gentlemen who would spill out of the curiously placed projects and wander Allston and Cambridge looking for easy prey (college students). But even this is fairly rare compared to other cities. Boston is a relatively safe town - at least it was when I was there.

11/10/2010 7:32pm,
i can never bget these vids to frick'n play help

11/10/2010 7:34pm,
I can never bget them deither.

11/10/2010 7:37pm,
stay in the car, hit-and-run, ***** FTW...

nothing wrong with cowerincarandcry-jitsu.

11/11/2010 12:33am,
I can never bget them deither.

YouTube - Drunk Fight in Boston Baseball bat vs. cone (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHHFFXZnhhk)

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