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Zaron Yeras
2/25/2004 5:21pm,
I was wondering, is the achilles ankle lock just pain compliance? What sort of injury would it cause if the opponent never taps?

2/25/2004 5:31pm,
Its MOSTLY pain compliance... you can do some damage with it though... but it takes a ton of force.

2/25/2004 5:32pm,
MY favorite move, BTW.

2/25/2004 5:38pm,
Let someone do it who knows how to put their hips and back into it, and has bony fucking forearms do it. Some of the best people I have ever tapped out, was done with the achilles lock.

Deadpan Scientist
2/25/2004 5:48pm,
Pain is there for a reason.

2/25/2004 7:13pm,
If you do it correctly, the pain should be across the top of the foot and you can break the bones in the foot, this it's name of "footlock". If you're just going for the achilles lock, then yeah it's pretty much just a pain submission.

2/25/2004 7:25pm,
Osiris, that's the footlock I was describing. It will break the bones - I've managed to do it to a guy once.

2/25/2004 8:57pm,
The lock can be a calf-crush or an achilles lock (i.e you feel it on the achilles tendon) and both can cause people to tap out from the pain, and sometimes tear ligaments -I've had ligaments in my own ankle torn from being in a footlock dual. If it's a footlock though, you get the pain and the ability to break the bones in the foot.

2/25/2004 10:54pm,
The foot lock you are talking about, we call the toe hold. That one will **** you up... I broke a kids foot in my last fight... tore the ligaments/tendons. His foot looked like a ducks.

2/26/2004 12:06am,
It's not a toe-hold. It's the same as the achilles lock, but it's higher up, on the achilles and the pressure goes across the bones of the foot, especially if you turn as you arch your back.

2/26/2004 12:19am,
So where is the bone of your forearm?

Deadpan Scientist
2/26/2004 12:26am,
There are two bones in the forearm, the radius on the side where your thumb is, and the ulna on the other side.

Deadpan Scientist
2/26/2004 12:28am,

2/26/2004 12:29am,
I meant where is the forearm in relation to their leg. Is it on their calf, on their achilles, on the bottom of their foot?

2/26/2004 12:49am,
It's on the achilles. You need to make sure you really pull the foot up high, and tight under your armpit. When you lean back it will go on the foot, rather than just being pain on the achilles.

2/26/2004 12:50am,
Thanks to brandeissansoo for his anatomy lesson LOL!