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2/25/2004 5:20pm,
According to the theory of relativity (both special and general), the faster you move, the slower you appear to be moving from your opponent's point of view.

2/25/2004 5:22pm,
or is it the other way around?

2/25/2004 5:23pm,
I thought is was the faster you move the slower they appear to be moving. Or is that what you just said?

Mr. Mantis
2/25/2004 5:24pm,
Isn't relativity theory only applicable to large scales? I dunno, I'm no scientist. All I know is that Einstein was so smart, he didn't even know how smart he was. Even his mistakes were brilliant.

2/25/2004 5:25pm,
Well, your time slows down as you move faster. So if I move very fast, then you age more than I do...so yeah, I appear to be going slower

2/25/2004 5:25pm,
The faster you move through space the slower you move through time.

2/25/2004 5:27pm,
Mr Mantis,

It is applicable to all moving object through space. However, the theory of relativity heavily crashes with quantum mechanics. So at a molecular level, there seems to be no set rules...

Superstring theory is trying to mend both.

In any case, relativity would affect a moving person, or even a fist flying through the air. I wonder by how much? Can anyone calculate the time variance?

2/25/2004 5:30pm,
Right, your energy is either "spent" in time or in space

Mr. Mantis
2/25/2004 5:33pm,
string theory book: The Fabric of the Cosmos : Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality by Brian Greene


2/25/2004 5:49pm,
I've read both the Elegant Universe and The Fabric

2/25/2004 5:52pm,
Both great books...but I'm not a scientist

2/25/2004 6:25pm,
Where's Dochter when you need him.... Also Brand just flunked a Biochemistry test.... Maybe he can help.....

2/25/2004 6:38pm,
Err... No your enemy would not see it, time slows down for you, not for other people.

Basically your opponent would seem slow.

2/25/2004 6:40pm,
Einstein's **** applies at relatavistic velocities (relative, remember!)

Fighting can be explained with newtonian physics. Get off the quantum juujutsu Kung-fu metaphysical drunken immportal sticky-palmmed BS.

2/25/2004 6:51pm,
Two bodies in relative motion are able to perceive time dialation! Read the Elegant Universe!!!


2/25/2004 6:56pm,
Newton's Laws of motion vs. Einstein's Relativity.
Apparently bot are wrong and right at the same time. How can this be as you wonder? Guess.

(I got to do more experiements on those Giraffs. Trying to turn mix Giraff genes with Lion genes. I am not insane. I will build a super race.)