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2/25/2004 12:06pm,
The most vile act ever!

Controversial Wests Tigers winger John Hopoate has been suspended for 12 weeks after being found guilty by the NRL Judiciary of poking his fingers up the anuses of three North Queensland players.

Accused of one of the most bizarre charges in the history of rugby league, or sport in general for that matter of fact, Hopoate was officially found guilty of 'unsportsmanlike interference'.

On the evidence of video footage and the damning testimony from the three Cowboys players, Hopoate was always likely to be found guilty. The length of his sentence seen as the only contentious matter.

In the end the NRL Judiciary had little trouble differentiating between a "wedgie", a "finger up the arse" and the area between the "arse and the nuts" before finding Hopoate guilty.

NRL judiciary commissioner Jim Hall described Hopoate's case as the worst he had experienced in his 45-year involvement in rugby league.

"I've never come across a more disgusting allegation than I've had to deal with now," he said.

Hopoate, 27, was found guilty on three separate counts of deliberately sticking his fingers up the anuses of Peter Jones, Paul Bowman and Glenn Morrison in Saturday night's match at Dairy Farmers Stadium.

Hopoate, a former Australian Test winger, insisted he was merely trying to give Jones and Morrison a wedgie in order to perform a quick play-the-ball and that he did not stick his finger up Bowman's anus.

Asked by his consel Bernie Gross QC where he was directing his finger at Bowman, the Cowboys captain, Hopoate replied: "Between his arse and his nuts".

Hopoate maintained he did nothing wrong in administering the wedgies and went on to say: "I'm a great believer in what happens on the field should stay there."

Asked to describe what a wedgie felt like, the Tigers winger replied: "You get a burning sensation. Your undies are getting reefed up your arse."

Hopoate's defence counsel contended to Jones that his client had merely administered a "wedgie" on the Cowboy in the seventh minute of the match.

"It wasn't a wedgie. That's when your pants are pulled up your arse. I think I know the difference between a wedgie and someone sticking their finger up my bum," said Jones, admitting that while both acts caused discomfort, they caused different sensations and he could differentiate between the two.

2/25/2004 12:30pm,
Haha wtf?

2/25/2004 1:32pm,
Nice sig Phrost!

This may be my new sig: I just need to label somehow:
"It wasn't a wedgie. That's when your pants are pulled up your arse. I think I know the difference between a wedgie and someone sticking their finger up my bum,"

2/25/2004 2:09pm,
now that is some suspect ****...

I would snap a limb on someone who tried that with me...

rugby guys are ghey, eh?

I heard about how they drink beer from each other's butt cracks...that is just nasty.

and Ghey.

2/25/2004 7:13pm,
dude, that is ooooooooooooolllllddd

croughing tiger, hidden finger.

2/25/2004 7:15pm,
haha that **** is funny..

2/25/2004 7:16pm,
Yeah, wasn't that a few years ago, I remember seeing that on the news...

2/25/2004 7:30pm,
yup, a few years back, he might even be playing again by now...

and come on, balmain was never a real team anyway.

2/26/2004 4:36am,
Only in a rugby game.... can you think of any other sport where it would even occur to someone to do that?

2/26/2004 4:47am,

*gets stoned by crowd*

2/26/2004 5:27am,
Glenn Morrison was quoted as saying - "Well, it wasn't too bad at first, but when he started using the whole fist something had to be done !"