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2/25/2004 8:17am,
I saw Much Loves post about coiling in boxing, and I am looking for further explanation.... Can someone give me more detail? I think it coiling the one side almost like a spring and then attacking from the opposite side with the un-coiling effect adding significant power to the attack? Am I close or do I need more Peeps....

2/25/2004 8:20am,
More peeps

2/25/2004 8:41am,

Mr. Mantis
2/25/2004 9:09am,
Are you talking contraction expansion striking or what?

Pass the peeps.

2/25/2004 9:12am,
Started another thread more broad....:D

Here is your peep.....

much love
2/25/2004 5:52pm,
what are peeps?

and for the record, I agree with your statement