View Full Version : Is it broken?

7/20/2010 4:21pm,
Got into a fight at mcdonalds with some impatient jerks accidently hit one in the back of his head the pain in my hand was instant my palm is bruised and i think the knuckle above my little finger might be broken. but how do you tell.

It is Fake
7/20/2010 4:29pm,
Go to the doctor.

7/20/2010 4:46pm,
Yes, see a doctor.

And in the future, remember that grappling is the order of the day in fast-food fisticuffs.

Get well soon.

7/20/2010 5:17pm,
Stop punching people in Micky D's and you have more than likely broken something, go see a doctor and make sure.

7/20/2010 5:50pm,
Did you sign up for the account to ask this? You're better off going to your local urgent care or emergency room.

Snake Plissken
7/20/2010 5:59pm,
ah, Newbietown.

OP, why did you strike a fellow fast food seeker at the Mickey D's?