View Full Version : Martial Arts with an injured leg

Piranha X
7/18/2010 6:47pm,
I injured my leg last month (tore my ACL) from sparring and cannot spar until like around nov-feb. What martial arts can I still do with a bad leg? I was told by my doctor that I can still practice as long as I am not sparring in the meantime. So would tai chi be a good idea, i see a lot of old people doing that so i figure that must not be very strenuous. I also heard that Eskrima/Kali may be a good option since it involves mainly weapons. Any advice?

7/18/2010 7:27pm,
Maybe what i do when I work out injured may help you to decide what is best for you.
When I broke my right hand, I would work out with my left hand. If I tore my right rotator cuff, I would work out on my left side, etc. I would put the least amount of stress to the injured part as much as possible, and work as hard as I could utilizing the uninjured parts of my body. I also tore my left rotator cuff a couple of years later, so it all balanced out :)
The rotator cuff tears were the hardest to work out with because they took the longest to heal, and working out on the good side put slight stress on the injured part, but it worked out well. I didn't want to sit out due to the injury, But I also wanted the injury to heal. The balancing act always worked out.
I work out in Isshin-Ryu Karate and Sosuishiryu-Jujutsu.
Hope you heal soon