View Full Version : is this illegal for compitition?

milwaukee cop
2/24/2004 10:23am,
i was rolling at judo , and i was in the north / south position, i had a lot of gas that day, and i let out all of the bad poison, this caused my partner to tap, pass out, convusle, wake up, curse me and my off spring and pass out again. is this a hansoko make?

2/24/2004 10:24am,
:rolleyes: :D

2/24/2004 10:25am,
I've been gassed on before.

Tip to all people who roll - if you have to let it out - make sure your ass is nowhere near your training partners face. Sick bastards.

milwaukee cop
2/24/2004 10:28am,
would it classified as shime waza?

2/24/2004 10:29am,
Hey MCop... not to get off thread, but isn't that what the guy in your avatar is doing? :D

milwaukee cop
2/24/2004 10:32am,
im the master of flatulance-fu!

2/25/2004 6:21pm,
i want a vid......good thing no one was playing with a lighter near ya...