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2/24/2004 10:16am,
We've talked about knifes and guns, but what about the garrote? Is this an effective simple weapon?

2/24/2004 10:20am,
just curious - Justme - how many new threads did you start today??

2/24/2004 10:22am,
Not enough... ::D: I like to stimulate MA discussions....plus I have been thinking a lot....

2/24/2004 10:24am,
Since Dec of 03 I started 1.

I feel ashamed.

I don't think it's a bad thing - it just seemed like every post I went to was brand spanking new, and you were right at the top.

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2/24/2004 10:33am,
The garrote....
Its better than nothing, but... I don't know, outside sentry stalking, what are you gonna use it for?
To get a parking space?
To make a point when someone buds in line at the movies?
To demonstrate the multi-functional shoe lace?

2/24/2004 10:35am,
Good point... Ronin, I just thought because of ability to restrict blood flow on both arteries at once you'd get like an almost instant knockout... I had someone demonstrate with a towel, and your two knuckles on me, and I went out like instantly.... it was really fast.

2/24/2004 10:38am,
Oh it works well, just WHEN are you gonna do it?

2/24/2004 10:39am,
Originally posted by Justme
...plus I have been thinking a lot.... Really???

A garrote really seems like an offense only weapon more so than a knife or a gun.
A knife or a gun can be shown then that used as deterant.

Are you going to do show someone your WIRE and have them back down? No.

If your out to kill someone and can sneak up behind them it's pretty good though. :)

2/24/2004 10:43am,
"Oh it works well, just WHEN are you gonna do it?"

When your sleeping... Bwahahahahahah......hmmm... I am not this was a stupid thread.....

2/24/2004 10:43am,
It`s for executions.

2/29/2004 9:20pm,
Somehow I don't like the thought of talking to the police and trying to explain how he 'stumbled' into my guitar string and choked himself black while I frantically tried to help him. Or worse, telling the truth about how I shouted "Look out behind you!" and then wrapped it around his neck. I mean, outside of a few very specific (and desperate) situations, there's just no need for it.

2/29/2004 9:34pm,
And how are you GOING TO CARRY THIS in T3H STR33T?


3/04/2004 5:59pm,
Dunno what you guy think of Don Rearic, but he has an interesting article on the garrote here: http://www.donrearic.com/thegarrotte.html

3/05/2004 1:27pm,
Couldn't you use a chain, rope, or wire for trapping any limb? Not just strangulation, but use a garrote like weapon from say mount to control someone's hands.

Just a thought.

Personally, I wouldn't carry one as some reliable means of SD.