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7/11/2010 7:39pm,
I start working on the 14th and with martial arts training to pay for and a gym membership I will have probably..... 100 dollars a month to spend on food if I choose to.

I would really like to get my diet in order so my weight training does not go to waste. So I need cheap food to help me get the good protien, fats, and carbs. I know of a few tricks like peanut butter for bulk since its high calorie for a low serving.

I'm probably going to cut a little fat. I'm 170 Ibs, 5'6, and 18 years old. I'm, not a fan of red meat and I doubt I would be able to afford it anyway.

I'm just looking for a list of cheap foods, like tuna

7/11/2010 9:20pm,
Here is the answer to all your problems. Enjoy ;)

7/11/2010 10:18pm,
Assuming you have a car, I suggest getting a membership to Costco or something similar. If you're in college go halfies with your roommate (they give you 2 cards). There are some key foods in my diet (i.e. Greek Yogurt which has an insane amount of protein and no fat or sugar) that I really can only afford to eat constantly because of this setup. Plus you can buy normal staples like tuna, milk, eggs, peanut butter, etc. at a cheaper rate.

Also: sardines are good and pasta is super-cheap carbs, but if you eat sauce from a jar I swear to god I will track you down and give you a beating. If you don't know how I'll explain, it's very easy, cheaper, tastes infinitely better, and will impress women (just tell them it's your grandmother's recipe, not something some nerd on the internet gave you).

7/11/2010 11:21pm,
thanks for the advice. It would be possible for me to have a higher budget but I wanted to start BJJ which would be 100 a month plus the 100 from Krav. I thought it would be better and I still workout.

I just wanted to get some cheap foods to supplement what I eat at home (whatever my parents buy) I live at home so its good, but my parents don't buy the healthiest foods.

Is soy protien isolate a nay on these fourms? Picking up some of those could help my diet a bit.

7/11/2010 11:38pm,
Regarding soy/tofu as a protein substitute, you might want to read this article.


If you're looking to supplant red meat as a source of protein, 10 years ago I would have recommended fish. However, they seem to be too filled with mercury these days. Beans and nuts are the most logical choice to me.

7/11/2010 11:41pm,
guess I'll buy lots of peanuts, some tubs of whey, tuna, anything else that can be stored in a cabinet?

7/11/2010 11:56pm,
Don't forget there's all kinds of nuts besides peanuts; cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc. just in case peanuts gets monotonous.

I also thought about making a lame joke about saving on gym membership by using cans of beans instead of dumbbells.

But it's really not appropriate.

7/12/2010 12:52am,
ehh i am allergic to a few nuts so its pretty much just cashews and peanuts.

7/12/2010 1:30am,
I'm in the same boat, and I basically live off of eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, and stews/soups made outta random ****. Steel Cut Oats, also known in some stores as Irish or Scottish Oatmeal, is really good for energy and putting on mass.

7/12/2010 2:14am,
well I'm gonna cut off a bit of body fat first. Ahh but first I need to get a paycheck lol. Not to mention pay my krav teacher. He has been letting me go for free for the past week.

Then I gotta get a car to travel for BJJ training though lucky for me the gym is a walk a way. quite a little walk but still a walk.

Oh yeah and then I have to do some college stuff. Forgot all about school.

Mr. Machette
7/12/2010 12:32pm,
Greens my man! Greens!







These are usually @ $1 - $2 a bunch, which will make between 3-5 meals.

Anahiem and Pablano peppers are a very cheap alternative to bells.
Mexican squashes are also a cheap alternative to Zuchini.

I like to throw some onion into that ix as well.

Saute, and season lightly to taste. Excellent nutrition and fiber for pocket change. Literally! This will be at least a third of your meal. If it is not heavy enough to satyisfy, fry two pieces of bacon, and then ad the veggies, allowing everything to fry in the "fat back".

Safeway also has large baguettes, sourdough, and dutch crunch loaves for $2 or less. I only eat one fat slice of that a day, so the $2 goes far! It is also good for sopping up any juices that run out of your meat an veggies. This way, no nutrition is lost. When you've only got a couple dollars a day for food, that stuff counts!

Protein can be had for cheap if you're willing to look for it. (I once survived for months on "hog Jowel". 79 cents a pound baby!) I also ate a lot of "Swai" which is VERY cheap. http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/cr/SeafoodWatch/web/sfw_factsheet.aspx?fid=228
I actually though it was better than our domestic Catfish. Better texture, and it takes very well to seasoning.

Fish sauce can be used to kick up the protein in your meal a little. Be "sparing" with it, more than a few drops, and you're in "funky town". xp

With the money you've saved on inexpensive bread, veggies, and meat, you can invest in fresh fruits.

This was my "starvation diet" mind you. I was not eating any junk food, soft drinks, dairy ect. and only getting one decent meal a day. So I could eat bacon, or steak for the protein portion, and I was still losing fat.

If you keep the dairy and the carb's to a minimum, you can even eat red meat daily and not get constipated, as long as you are ingesting a LOT of those fruits and veggies.

7/12/2010 3:03pm,
apples and bananas.

Buy some tortilla shells and make some peanut butter/banana tortillas. Great for lunch and relatively cheap.

Potatoes are also cheap.

Mr. Machette
7/12/2010 3:24pm,
I almost forgot!

Beans an rice!

Tastes like paste, feels like wet cement, but will sustain a man for pennies a day.

Goes great with the protein of your choosing and some spices.

7/12/2010 4:44pm,
Honey ma man, honey. Seriously, no wonder that the bees are such tough little suckers when they eat this stuff in winter.
Helps with the immunity, has a lots of calories (good calories), and is full of god-knows-which-other-good-stuff. Cheap as dirt, too.

7/12/2010 10:07pm,
when i started to exercise i was refereed to this link

Habit 1: Eat every 2-3 hours.

Habit 2: Eat complete, lean protein with each feeding opportunity.

Habit 3: Eat vegetables with each feeding opportunity.

Habit 4: Eat veggies/fruits with any meal. Eat "other carbs" only after exercise.

Habit 5: Eat healthy fats daily.

Habit 6: Don't drink beverages (soda, beer, etc.) with more than 0 calories.

Habit 7: Eat whole foods whenever possible.

http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/tailormade_nutrition_part_i;jsessionid=742355B1E02 FAC9B6BDBFE5DDF8EA5EA-hg.hydra

i eat off $25/week

4 varieties of green/veggies
2-3 varieties of fruit
10 skinless chicken breast
cheese, bread,

its decent for a poor man clean food. not sure about bulking. good luck

7/12/2010 10:09pm,
Honey ma man, honey. Seriously, no wonder that the bees are such tough little suckers when they eat this stuff in winter.
Helps with the immunity, has a lots of calories (good calories), and is full of god-knows-which-other-good-stuff. Cheap as dirt, too.

never knew this you should post some links very interesting