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7/08/2010 4:28pm,
Hello Bullshido,

The stats:
I've trained in Tai Chi for many years... long enough to realize that much of the training I did was essentially slow motion calisthenics and of little or no use to me for self defense/fighting. I then found someone to teach me the real deal and started all over again. While training in Tai Chi as the martial art it can be I was encouraged to broaden my skill set and study other styles as well. That has led to a serious practice of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well and some time with Kali/Eskrima.

End result of that training is the observation (which many have had before) that it doesn't matter at all what style you train in. What matters is how you train.

I study and teach at Northwest Fighting Arts (http://www.nwfighting.com) in Portland, OR.