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7/06/2010 1:52am,
Hello, Bullshido. My name's Daniel, but you can call me whatever you want. I'm from Small Town, South Carolina. I'm just a 16 year old kid who had anger problems, so I started kickboxing a year ago. I did a small amount of time in traditional Judo and Tang Soo Do, didn't dig it too much. I started BJJ about a month ago. I want to do at least one MMA match, and then take it from there depending on if I like it or not. Uhhh.... Yeah.

7/06/2010 6:22am,
Welcome to Bullshido. You said you didn't like Judo but now do BJJ. What differences between BJJ and Judo make the difference?

7/06/2010 5:34pm,
The BJJ class is closer, and geared a little more towards mma. It's also less traditional than the Judo. Not knocking traditional MA's, but they're not really my thing