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6/23/2010 10:10am,

i'm xarjihn. i've studied various weapon forms for about 11 yrs. now. spanning from college level competition fencing to the finer points of shinkendo. to date my current projects include training my son in the ways of the sword while trying to instill a sence of pride, joy, and fun. also trying to educate my wife in the theories and practices involved in self defence and meditation (aka "stress management").

i've been around. traveled the world and such. i've seen stuff work and some stuff fail. i realize that every art form has its strengths and its weaknesses. i also understand that its the individual that makes it work.

- xarjihn

6/23/2010 12:05pm,
So you don't train formally in your weapons forms? In you opinion, what is it you get out of training in weapons that you find most important?

Is there a lot of quality schools in C-bus, GA? When I was there, it didn't appear there were many, but I was only there for a few weeks. Someone else on this forum was asking about places to train in Columbus a few months back, maybe if you come across that threat you can answer intelligently to his question.

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6/23/2010 3:19pm,
oh yes, i've trained formally in phoenix, az for several years. specifically in shinkendo i just cross train in other forms as a means of broadening my understanding of combat theories. i've sparred with many individuals of different styles and we all learn something new. sharing knowledge is important when wanting to achieve a deeper understanding of any artform.