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5/23/2010 12:23pm,
In my lovely city of Reading, Pa this guy named Bruce Drago used to have a couple karate academies a while back which I was thinking about going to when I was a lot younger. Anyway, in 2005 or something he was accused of molestation as outlined here:

Street Tactics founder Bruce Drago arrested for molestation - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=27325)

Now I heard he was shut down a while ago and really payed no mind there are sickos everywhere. But I get a facebook invite by MMAXOUT the other day and decide to see what it's all about. Well, it's based out of reading and ran by a gentleman by the name of Bruce Drogo and it's a real hunt to be able to find any name attached to it but I found it. There's also a couple pictures I compared first his arrest picture:


And his later picture:
I had to search a little to find any name attatched so I'll list a couple web sites I used first is his facebook site

http://www.facebook.com/mmaxout#!/mmaxout?v=wall (http://www.facebook.com/mmaxout#%21/mmaxout?v=wall)

Then MMAXOUT's site

http://www.mmaxout.com (http://www.mmaxout.com/)

Now the site that links the picture from his facebook site to his fake name and to MMAXOUT


I guess what I'm asking is first do you think this is him? I do but a couple people I know think it's not. Secondly after alledgedly being accused of molestation and other charges that were only dropped because some girl wouldn't testify do you think he should be running any sort of club let alone one with kids classes? And thirdly I heard this guy is full of crap anyway there's another thread here describing how he took down "60 gangbangers" back in the day and he did a pretty lame demo at my middle school way back when which wasn't too impressive from what I remember. So anyone heard of this guy other than court cases and such?

It is Fake
5/23/2010 8:43pm,
Original title:
Bruce Drago- accused child molester now running a club out in Reading, Pa

5/23/2010 10:29pm,
Sorry I could not get the pics any better this large. It certainly looks similar to the arrest shot of the first bruce drago. It's hard to believe there could be two people in that area (I lived in Blandon for some years) with the name bruce drago-one that had a school, and one that now has a school. There is something about the ears that bothers me, but the jaw looks similar. I'm not totally confident calling it the same guy without some better pics.

Having said that, he wasn't convicted and I'm sure we don't know all the details, so should have a right to do anything he chooses within the law.


5/27/2010 3:26pm,
Unless you're a 14 year old girl, what does it matter?

Gmail lee
6/04/2014 1:47pm,
Hello lee the great or anyone else!
YES IT IS HIM!!!!!! He changed his name to not blacken his new bullshit gym! I believe he changed his name to Drogo and is using his ex-wife's name to mask his charges!!! I was a member till I found out the truth!! I refuse to put $$ in a piece of shits pocket!the programs sucks because the instructors aren't fighters!! They are house wife's looking for a free membership no training not a real certification!!!! He's a fraud 3 gyms already closed because its BULLSHIT!!! To the person asking if it even matters if there aren't any 14yr olds........YES IT F#CKING MATTERS!!! He also hired John Bell to run the children's program....GUESS WHAT...he was arrested for f#cking little girls at a school!! TRUE STORY LOOK IT UP IN BERKS COUNTY, PA!! Everyone read and tell this story!