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2/20/2004 9:17am,
OK... so I am stuck in a rut....But I have read the Mongols were akin to a nuclear holocaust in the way they went through the people they encountered. The deaths from there attacks I read where in the millions... Who, European theaters, did well against them or did there run just peter out because of the vast area they conquered?

2/20/2004 9:30am,
They defeated all the European knights in what is now Poland. Lured them into a trap really. The Mongols were very good at analysing the weakness of thier enemies. The Europeans they decided fought with honour on the battlefield, this the Mongols decided was their weakness.

The only reason the Mongols did not conquer Europe was because the great khan died and there was a power struggle between his sons. So Europe was saved by luck. They did hold onto what is now known as Russia for a long time, which was known as the "Golden Horde".