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2/20/2004 7:52am,
OK... enough religion and politics....

If the Mongols would have confronted a Japanese Army of the period.... who would have won? Its my understanding the Mongols where expert horseman and very good with bows mounted. The Samuria where more heavy infantry weren't they? Samuria where also very good archers.... So who would have prevailed? What kind of tactics would they have used?

2/20/2004 8:32am,
first google hit (http://campus.northpark.edu/history/WebChron/China/MongolJapan.CP.html)

I thought they'd already had once, but did a google search anyway. Or am I missing something in your query re samurai, as in did you mean a specific period of samurai vs mongols?

2/20/2004 8:34am,
No such wondering if they ever met in combat.... I don't remember any battles but my Asian history is weak.... Weren't they the ones wiped out by the "kamikazee".....They being the Mongols trying to invade the Japanese Island... So, did a Mongol army ever meet a Japanese Army?

2/20/2004 8:40am,
There were a few "skirmashes" nothing major.
As an army, of the time, the Mongols were more organised, they probably would have beaten the samurai in the first couple of battles, but then the samurai would have adapted and that would have made it a bit interesting.
I don't know how reknown the mongols were in one-on-one combat but i am sure they must have been good.
That is a tough one...

WingChun Lawyer
2/20/2004 8:45am,
Well, according to Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa, the japanese in general were pretty much scared shitless of the mongols. They probably had their reasons: if I remember correctly, it seems the government almost went broke preparing defenses for those invaders (which never came, kamikaze and all).

2/20/2004 8:46am,
"That is a tough one..."

Thats why your on it....:) Remember, lets be alittle more specific on tactics too....jeez... Canadians and following instructions.

2/20/2004 8:47am,
My wife got me that book, I haven't had a chance to readit, is it any good ?

2/20/2004 8:48am,
Since mongols could never hold Korea for long, I will say Samurai.
Mongols used light calvry very effectively. Koreans would attack in small teams of 3-4 with one using a long range weapon on the rider while the other cut the horeses tendons, thus "grounding" the calvary. I would imagine the samurai would have done the same.
I do think the Mongol bow and archery skills may have been better.

2/20/2004 8:59am,
Interesting thanks M4949... Your not in Canada are you (see Ronin he follows instructions)....

2/20/2004 9:05am,
Some samurai would ride out on his horse to the middle of the battle fiels, stand up in the saddle, yell out his name and lineage, flas the mongols with his "tanto" and then they would proceed to fill him full of arrows like a porcupine.

2/20/2004 9:08am,
The next samurai would go out do the same thing, but in his case when the arrows came flying he would cut them in half with his naginata, like whirling food processor, the would nic name him "kitchen aid san".
The mongols would be so intimidated that they would ALL flee screaming !!!

2/20/2004 9:12am,
Thats better... Thank you.

2/20/2004 9:13am,
This one is easy, the Mongols would have won. Plus if the Japanese rebelled after the conquest they would have exterminated them. They were originally going to exterminate the Chinese when they first conquered them but found they could make more money from taxes.

The Mongols would take the fat from the enemy dead and use it to make incendiary weapons when attacking fortified towns. They were pretty damn ruthless.

2/20/2004 9:13am,
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