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2/20/2004 12:11am,
The hook and the elbow both require similar set-up positioning. Are there advantages to hooking?

We're talking about going to the ribs, BTW.

2/20/2004 12:11am,
I'd go with elbows personally.

2/20/2004 12:23am,
Advantage to the hook? Yeah, it has more range than the elbow and requires less body mechanics to throw. However, I feel that the elbow is much more powerful as you hit with a sharper, harder, smaller surface and have far more body weight behind it. I usually decide between the two based on my proximity to the opponent and which direction my opponent is moving.

2/20/2004 12:25am,
yeah what he said. if im close enough ill use an elbow, if not, a hook or some other punch.

2/20/2004 12:30am,
c'mon now, it is a matter of distance, not prefernce.

mid range=hook punch

close range=elbow

it is merely a matter of core distances. nothing else.

try to hook in close range, and you will be too close.

The Wastrel
2/20/2004 12:41am,
Funny...elbows to the ribs? If I'm close enough to throw elbows to the ribs I'd rather clinch and slam, or double-leg.

And yes, Kuntaokid is correct.

2/20/2004 12:45am,
I agree with Wastrel, although if you are fighting in a tourney with rules that prevent clinching and slamming (such as Kyokushin) then an elbow to the ribs may be just your thing. With a little luck and good targeting you could break a rib and end the match right there.

2/20/2004 7:35am,
It's a matter of distance as said.

I use elbows to the ribs, yes. Stepping to the side and in: I'm using an elbow at the ribs if possible, to soften his balance, the next elbow goes to the back of the head. Standard procedure in WT. And yes: this nearly never works but if there is the opening it will work.

2/20/2004 7:49am,
I think the answer's already been given. Distance.

Incidentally, I don't think I've ever thrown an elbow to the ribs. Not from standing anyway. I think I might be deprived.

2/20/2004 7:54am,
trying to throw an elbow to the ribs? Doesn't seem like a great idea. Wouldn't that leave you open to a lot of stuff, esp striking a targe that low? Not only that, it would be pretty hard to find that kind of an opening. If it were me I wouldn't look for the elbow to the ribs, seems to me that hooks would find their way to your target much easier.

2/20/2004 7:56am,
It's part of the 5th student grade program of WT.

Here's a link to a vid. And yes it's not against a resisting oponent but it's only to give y'all an idea how I meant it when I wrote it:


There are also some basic WT things on this page:


Before the rants begin: those links are just to show basic DRILLS, not resisting opponents... :D

2/20/2004 8:15am,
Okay- this same page has the Fred Enttish (sp) ground/anti-grappling defense -


2/20/2004 8:50am,
I guess everybody is assuming an elbow thrown in a horizontal arc because it is being compared to a hook? I just plain have a hard time picturing ever throwing that kind of elbow to the body. A stabbing elbow OTOH, has possibilities and doesn't count so much on range. A completely different kind of attack.

2/20/2004 8:51am,
And why isn't this in the techniques section?

2/20/2004 9:43am,
Originally posted by MrMcFu
Okay- this same page has the Fred Enttish (sp) ground/anti-grappling defense -


Yeah, kind of. It's Blitzdefence though and not really WT. I personally think it sucks but some don't :D

Anyway, did everyone understand what I meant by the elbow to the ribs?

2/20/2004 11:42am,
Originally posted by Omar
And why isn't this in the techniques section? Do I go around haranguing you about how your Chinese nickname should be in the Freudian handbook?