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5/19/2010 11:10am,
I went to check out a school that a friend trains at. It's a Jung Ki Kwan Hapkido school. I spent several years training in Hapkido in the past. I enjoyed it, but I never felt comfortable that it would actually be effective if I needed it. Since then, I have moved on to BJJ.

When I visited the school, the Master spoke about how different Jung Ki Kwan was compared to other Hapkido styles. Jung Ki was the most "pure", etc. He also stated that what he practiced was totally different than what I had learned being that I learned Hapkido from one of those other styles.

I'm not sure if I missed something, but when I visited it looked almost identical to what I'd studied before. I didn't see anything particularly interesting or ground breaking about it. It looked just like every other Hapkido school I've been to.

Has anyone ever heard of or had experience with this style of Hapkido?

5/19/2010 12:22pm,
first off, i don't think this is MABS worthy. unless you are bringing up specific claims of fraud or deceit, with evidence, this belongs in KMA or YMAS.

however, to talk about your questions, there is no real central authority when it comes to hapkido, and all the kwans will invariably claim to be the "real" or "pure" hopkido.

if it looks just like every other hapkido school you've been to, it's because it is just like every other hapkido school. maybe derauslander will chime in on this once it hits KMA.

5/21/2010 7:36am,
Hello all,

Well, let's get it from the horses mouth. Since it is my dojang.

First, I never use the word "pure". Never have, never do. After 30 or so years in the art, I'll tell you very directly how I feel, but I never use the word "pure". I don't use the word pure to talk about snow before a dog pisses in it.

The founder of the Jungki Kwan is one of four men to receive a 9th Dan from Choi Dojunim; and again where I will certainly agree there is no central authority, Choi Dojunim's vision for his art is hardly what is being taught in most dojang. And for the record, I teach Hapkido; the Jungki Kwan is the organization to which I belong.

And yes, there is certainly a lack of central authority in that art, at least from the public's perception. I will certainly agree with that.

I certainly feel that what Choi Dojunim taught, and as it is taught in the Jungki Kwan is different than any other "hapkido" I have seen. That is why I teach it....

I don't do the "hard sell" to get someone, especially a student's friend, to sign up, we try a few techniques, and I invite everyone to come back...and train...do I expect that everyone will understand the differences right away, no, not really. And I guess that if someone wants to feel the difference in a couple hours I can gear things that way, but I generally don't. I will say this, if someone were loaded with questions about the differences in Hapkido and its variants, I am happy to point them out; and if Ted, you want to come back in for that reason, I would be happy to be pointed about letting you see and feel the difference. Sorry if I missed that before, but Hapkido in Chicago is an interesting incestuous mess...and for me it is fun to talk about because it is so amazingly complex....

I hope I don't come across as a TMA zealot, seen lots of that here; and Ted, if I missed the mark, and you want to feel the difference, I will happily cover your parking cost and lets try again (hey, the least I can do is pay $2.50 for that)...hope to see you again.

Kevin Sogor

5/21/2010 1:46pm,
Hi Kevin,

I think I posted this in the wrong forum. I didn't mean to imply anything negative about you or your school. I was just curious as to what others on here would have to say about the style in general. I am still curious. You explained everything well, now I wanted to hear what others had to say. My use of the word, "pure" was wrong. I was just paraphrasing from memory and definitely not trying to put words in your mouth. I apologize if I gave offense in any way, that was definitely not my intention.

I left the schools name out of it to keep things respectful and not to single anyone out.

You were nothing but courteous and respectful when I was at your Dojang. My question was really more of a general one about the style itself. I did not mean to imply that your school was a "McDojo", fraud, hard sell, or anything of that nature. I did not get that sense at all.

Actually, I would love to come back sometime and learn more. I am genuinely curious as to if it is indeed significantly different than what I have experienced. I also understand that at the beginner levels it could all seem the same.

Anyway, please don't mistake my "going to an external source" as some sort of repudiation of you or your school. That was never my intent.