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5/17/2010 6:08pm,
hello my name is Brock merkwan i am 26 and i am disabled. i have cerebral palsy my master whom is Jake erling has cystic fibrosis and he teaches me teakwando/karate and teaches me some bjj even thos he is not ranked in bjj he is however a second degree black belt in teakwando i hold a gold belt in his style i am also looking to compete in a tournament come November so i am training hard i come to this site for advice and to share experiences and make friends i look forward to speaking with you all in the future

5/17/2010 9:22pm,
Welcome to Bullshido.

he teaches me teakwando/karate and teaches me some bjj even thos he is not ranked in bjj he is however a second degree black belt in teakwando
Would you learn how to drive from someone who didn't have a driving licence? How about leaning how to fly from from someone who's only experience is watching videos of pilots with no professional flight instruction? Then why are you learning a martial art from someone who isn't qualified to do so?

We'll leave aside whether your type of Karate and Taekwondo are combat effective or not (you can debate that in the open forums) but remember Karate and TKD are both stand-up arts, they strike on their feet. BJJ grapples on the ground. Two very different arts with no overlap, it's not like he'll be naturally good at BJJ on basis of his Karate/TKD experience.

If you want to learn an art go find yourself a qualified teacher from a respectable and provable organisation. If you put your location up member might be able to recommend schools in your area, alternately you can check the Dojo Reviews section and see if there is anything near to you.

5/17/2010 10:02pm,
i have an idea were i wanna go but i can not afford Minnesota martial arts academy and i wanna take this to another level i just cant afford it i live on ssi and i have a hard time getting a job. i am trying to find a way to get a scholarship but no luck any ideas would be nice

5/17/2010 10:26pm,
Welcome to the site!

I think a lot of instructors would be open to understanding your situation. I'm not attempting to put false hope into your head, but if you discuss your situation and motivation with the owners of another place they look at possible options.

Best of luck and hope to see you posting more.

5/17/2010 10:28pm,
I've had a look through the Dojo Reviews forum and only seen one that's definitely in your area, and that one looks like a self serving advert for a Kuk Sool Wun school and I couldn't in good conscious recommend you even look at a KSW practitioner (they wear silly outfits) never mind recommend you try the style.

You might try browsing the Throwdowns forum. Throwdowns are events organised by forum members (termed Bullies) to engage in some friendly, no-ego sparring. They're loads of fun and usually include a great deal of drinking afterwards. Have a look if you can see one in your area, Bullies in that area will have local knowledge of which schools to try and which to avoid.

Apart from that I'll request a mod change the title of this thread to include your location to see if that draws the attention of people in your area for you.

5/17/2010 11:25pm,
hello i did a intro in newbie town but ill do a small recap i am brock merkwan and i have cerebral palsy i have a master who has CF ( cystic fibrosis) he is a second degree in teakwando/karate. we also trian some bjj from the gracie dvds. thats all fine and dandy but going once a week is not enough for me theres one major problom i have money issues i only have SSI to sapourt me and i dont know how to get a place like minnesota martial arts acadamy to give me a discount trust me i have tired asking alot of minnesota places and that all say ( we think its great that you train and do martial arts but we cant lower prices sorry good luck training) i do understand but i have goals deep goals i wanna open up a school for disabled i wanna be an mma fighter dispite my disability. i however don't know how to get more training anyone have any ideas ?

Cy Q. Faunce
5/18/2010 12:06am,
Have you looked at Warrior's Cove (http://www.warriorscove.com/) or Doc's Gym (http://www.docsgym.org/)?

Failing that, are you a student at U of M, or the spouse or dependent of a student?

5/18/2010 12:27am,
no i am not a student and i have no kids i am the disabled person i am really trying really hard to get to into training more then just Fridays i can go for walks and lift wights for ever but sometimes u need more dont get me wrong i love master jakes place but i need more

Cy Q. Faunce
5/18/2010 12:34am,
Well, are Doc's or Warrior's Cove realistic possibilities for you?

5/18/2010 12:50am,
i don't know they can be if they work with me on prices that's the only thing that's the issue i am on SSI i am looking for jobs but no luck and i have my first jits tourny in November my friend from MMAA is gonna help me train but i need more lol i watch him at the local submission hunt on the 15 here in Minnesota was LOADS of fun i will be competing in novice no gi i may lose but i wont let my disability get in my way !!!!!!

5/20/2010 7:34pm,
two questions 1 can i post a video of my news story on the fourms here. 2 is there a good section on solo jujitsu drills if so point me in the direction please. also my freind is also traning me for this tournament so i am not all out of the loop but would like to get other perspectives. i dont want people to take me as a fake fighter when i am in the tournament i want them to come at me like a warrior. anyone in minnesota if u wanna watch the tournament come to the next submission hunt in nov you will see me there

5/20/2010 10:58pm,
Hi there. I'm a fellow Minnesotan and just wanted to say welcome to the site, especially since I've competed at the last two Submission Hunts.

There are a number of good BJJ gyms in the cities, including several in the Minneapolis area (like Revolution, MMAA, No Rules which is my gym's affiliate, and a few others). It depends a bit on what exactly you're looking for, like gi vs no gi, etc or a mix of the two. If you have any questions about a specific gym I can probably give you some general feedback or put you in touch with someone who can.

6/06/2010 5:49am,
Sup Melkia. Sorry you cant afford MMAA = /. I think Warriors Cove was mentioned though, they are pretty respectable but i've never been. You also have Minnesota top team and you could even try Rick Faye's Minnesota Kali group, they have a BJJ and MMA program now. They have in my opinion a very supportive atmosphere and just friendly people in general.

I started a MN throw down group. It doesn't have very many members yet but hopefully we can get enough people to do something soon. I'll see you at the next submission hunt with Iainkelt though, couldn't make the last one because of a neck injury.