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2/19/2004 1:00pm,
Well, just to stir some shiit I thought I throw some figures around to show everyone where your tax dollars REALLY go and hopefully spark up some interesting debate regarding the Untied States' UNSPEAKABLE military spending.

In the year 2003 the federal descretionary budget was split up like this:

Military Spending: 51.6%

EVERYTHING else: 48.4%

Education got a WHOPPING 6.7%.

If you look at how much money the rest of the world spends on the military and weapons the USA is #1. To make matters even MORE interesting, the USA spends more money on its military than the next 20 countries on that list COMBINED including Russia, England, Germany, Canada, Israel, etc.

Right now the USA has 12 aircraft carrier battle groups. According to the Pentagon, it takes just over $1 BILLION to maintain just a SINGLE aircraft carrier for 1 year. With that $1 billion, 17,000 homes could have been built providing homes for Americans as well as providing JOBS for american people(before you start saying that all homeless people are crack addicts remember that in 1991 the U.S. government estimated that between 150,000 and 250,000 veterans were HOMELESS on ANY GIVEN NIGHT).

The 2003 miltary spending budget was right around $396 BILLION, with a proposed budget of $470 BILLION by 2007.

Since 1948 the U.S. has spend more than $15 TRILLION to build up its military. You know how much that is? Thats more than the cost of every factory, road, bridge, water/sewage system, airport, power plant, schools, office buildings, hospitols, hotels, houses and machinery built in THE LAST 40 YEARS COMBINED!

Ahhhhhh! Take a nice long breath! Doesnt that just make you PROUD!

When you combine the cost of the current Pentagon budget, nuclear weaponry, the bugdet of the energy dept, NASA's military sector, military aid etc, it comes to over $776 BILLION a year.

Thats more than a MILLION dollars a MINUTE.

Where do you think ALL that MONEY comes from? How much did YOU pay in taxes this year? HAHAHAHA sucker!!

But dont worry, all of that goes to a GOOD CAUSE! Our soldiers get to guard GAS STATIONs like $6 an hour security guards for compainies like Betchel, Haliburton, Shell, Exxon, Amocco and other large corporations.

We treat our soldiers so well that the number of Vietnam veterans that have committed SUICIDE since the war now OFFICIALLY outnumbers the number of soldiers killed in action during that war.

Over 100,000 HUGE corporations GORGE themselves with our tax dollars. Companies like Boeng, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and GE. Of course since these companies are filthy rich with our money they have no problem spreading the wealth around the corruption of Washington.

Well, since I've given you guys more than enough facts, all of which can be verified, I'd like to hear why you think this type of military spending is justified, yet the government cant find a dime to help out farmers and american workers who cant find jobs?

Lets not forget that the U.S. is the single LARGEST supplier of WEAPONS on the ENTIRE PLANET. Arms sales went from $8 BILLION in '89 to $40 BILLION in '91. And the good old U.S.A. even provides loan guarantees and military aid so that Lockheed Martin can go right ahead and sell poor countries jet fighter planes even though they cant guaranteee their people enough food to eat. the U.S. always has enough money to lend/guarantee when there's a weapon shortage, but NEVER enough to give when there's a food shortage.

Now before some REALLY stupid person comes here and says something as idiotic as "...errrr, durr dee durr...I've got two werds for yoo....'nine eleven'." Control yourself before you make an ass out of yourself ok? After all these new security measures a 16 year old kid was able to plant box cutters on multiple airliners. Not to mention the fact that their are plenty of OTHER countries just as free as ourselves who dont recieve any type of terrorist attention. Why do you think that is?

I'd like to hear some comments on this. Have fun!

2/19/2004 1:02pm,
Wanna talk about jobs? How much of that military budget is spent in this country? Answer: One Metric Ass-load.

2/19/2004 1:10pm,
I have no problem with my tax dollars going to the military. After all, the primary function of the Federal Government is the Common Defense. If we did not spend it on the military, then we would probably not exist as a nation for very long.

2/19/2004 1:23pm,
Bolverk...our nation hasnt been attacked on our soil since the English invaded. The point is that our tax dollars go to the military AND our military uses that money for STUPID SHIIT: like when, between 1898 and 1934, our military invaded Cuba 4 times, Nicuragua 5 times, Honduras 7 times, the Dominican Republic 4 times Haiti twice, Guatamala once, Panama twice, Mexico 3 times, and Columbia 4 times.

Not to mention invading countries like Grenada in '83. A country with a population of 110,000. To quote Joel Andreas "less than the population of Peoria. Illinois.", yet Reagan tried to convice us it was a THREAT to out security.

Secretary if State George Schultz called it "A lovely piece of real estate."

You have alot of reading to do if you expect to have an educated opinion son.

2/19/2004 1:23pm,
yet the government cant find a dime to help out farmers and american workers who cant find jobs?

Yes. Military/aerospace is a hog. Spirit rover? The excursions you mentioned? Whateverrrrr. Gay. Irrational. (them, not you).

The dichotomy bothers me though. Either it's spent on military or it's spent on "the children"? Not to mention, whenever people mention spending they disagree with, it's "our" money. When it's spent on those things which they DO agree with it's "gov't money".


How about it's just not spent? Better yet, not collected in the first place. If you enjoy your tax rate, and even if it DID go towards that which you want, I can't think of a sytem of distribution with more overhead than the beaurocratic labrynth of the federal gov't.

2/19/2004 1:28pm,
The best defense is a privately funded one. **** collective security.

No wait, I take that last part back. I like this military, I'd just rather be making assloads of money off of doing something like it.

2/19/2004 1:30pm,
How many jobs are in the industrial-military complex?
How much money is being MADE from the money being put INTO the military?

2/19/2004 1:32pm,
Right, but I'M not making any money off of it, and that's what counts.

2/19/2004 1:34pm,
You guys are hilarious. Military spending is NOT 51% of the budget, for ANY country. A simple Google search can tell you that. ****, if that was true, I wouldn't be flying a bunch of re-engineered helicopters that were made when LBJ was still president. In fact, I have yet to fly something that wasn't older that me. (sigh) Wish they would float some of that DoD cash my way. . .

2/19/2004 1:35pm,
I hear the airforce has nice golf courses though.

2/19/2004 1:38pm,
Thats EXACTLY what the % of spending was in 2003. If you have ANY evidence to the contrary please post it here.

You can go to the site for the Center of Defense Information at www.cdi.org/issues/budget for the exact updated amount.

2/19/2004 1:39pm,
....errrr, durr dee durr

BAAHAHHAHA that was great Peedee!

"And the good old U.S.A. even provides loan guarantees and military aid so that Lockheed Martin can go right ahead and sell poor countries jet fighter planes even though they cant guaranteee their people enough food to eat. "
I really don't understand why the government (back then) would agree to help LM sell the F-22 around the world. Did they get a discount or something?

Mr. Mantis
2/19/2004 1:39pm,
Originally posted by PeedeeShaolin
Bolverk...our nation hasnt been attacked on our soil since the English invaded.

So I gather you are not counting 9/11 or Pancho Villa's raid on that town in New Mexico, which was just before WWI. Or the bombing by the Japanese during WW2. You know, the ballon bombs?

2/19/2004 1:46pm,
Well I guess Mantis, but then again Mexico was stolen and taken by force after congress blabbed on and on about the glory of expanding "Anglo-Saxon democracy,". U.S. soldiers were even EXECUTED at the time for refusing to fight in that immoral war. General Zachary Taylor exuceted a TO of U.S. soldiers.

It was a period of racist theories that drove the U.S. to invade the Phillipines and murder about 600,000 of them before the U.S. overthrew Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani and turn the island into a U.S. naval base, so if you really want to look at it we shouldnt be there in the first place.

Way to avoid everything else I said though.

2/19/2004 2:10pm,
All that money couldnt POSSIBLY find a better place than the pockets of a handfull of hyper rich corporations who then payoff their buddies in Washington....

Roads and bridges are crumbling, the federal govt has stopped financial support for mass transit operating costs(now you know why those bus fares are going up up up!), Schools are so run down, over crowded and poorly staffed that close to %80 of the students in inner city high schools DROP OUT.

In the RICHEST country in the WORLD more than a FIFTH of all adults cant READ a job application or a street sign. Even still, federal education spending has DECREASED over the last 2 decades while our kids have to sell cookies to afford books but the military never sells cookies for a new bomber.

Our healthcare system is in a CRISIS. 43 MILLION people have NO INSURANCE and a hell of alot more have INADEQUATE insurance. Public hospitols are being closed and our government STILL will enact NO health care reform.

Heres some more:

One fifth of all mothers do not recieve pre-natal care. The US now has THE HIGHEST rate of infant mortality in the developed world. EVERY 50 MINUTES a child dies in the USA as a result of POVERTY or MALNUTRITION. We can afford bombers but HELL NO can we afford social programs for AMERICAN KIDS! FUKK NO! Better to give around $10 BILLION to Israel! They are WORTHY of welfare, its only AMERICANS who arent!

Rent rises and wages fall.

God bless America.

2/19/2004 2:26pm,
Whats even MORE funny is how stupid people call you "anti American" when you point this shiit out. in any other field or business when you point out the bad and explain that in order to make things better it needs to be fixed its called "progress" and "improving". Only in the land of facism is it somehow bad.